December Update

weekscards copy

With Christmas nearly here, things have been busy.

Something new on the Menu!

At the beginning of the month, I met with two local business owners, who wish to hold a tarot evening at their Kent-based cafe.

The Living Cafe is situated within the centre of Maidstone in Kent. It is a popular choice for many, since it has a warm feel and a home-cooked menu. It has claimed much praise from those who have dined there. I’ve had breakfast and lunch at the cafe many times myself.

The Living Cafe’s new owners, Jo and Lisa, are keen to expand on what they offer their customers by adding entertainment and events to their evening schedules; so on a chilly Thursday morning, we discussed the possibility of my holding a reading evening there and delivering one of my beginners tarot courses some months later. I hope that working with The Living Cafe might help to establish my tarot practice within a Living Cafe Twittersecond local community. The course will be identical to those I have already run but this new venue would make it available to students who are unable to travel to West Malling or who are not connected to a spiritual centre.

My tarot evening will be on January 15th. The cafe has a basement which I will work from, allowing my clients to sit on the ground floor, chat, eat, and drink while they wait for their reading. There will be a schedule of appointments, staggered throughout the evening. I am really hoping that this will be a success and that it will provide a boost to both my business and the The Living Cafe’s trade.



The Deck is Finished!

At the beginning of the month, I completed my second tarot deck. This was subsequently followed with an interview by fellow tarot reader, Matt Harris (left).

Matt is the owner of Ashes and Wine Tarot. He is a reader and tarot-writer, who I discovered through the blogging community. After discussing his interview with the author and illustrator of The Beautiful Creatures Tarot, he asked if he could interview me about my unpublished deck. Of course, I said yes and we got to work.

The most difficult thing for me was to find a name for the set. After many hours of thinking about it, I decided on The Spirit within the Shadows Tarot. You can read Matt’s interview here.

With the deck completed, I am now looking at publishing options. I would love a mainstream publisher to take on the title but have also approached printing companies to see how much it would cost to self-publish. If I was to do this, would you be interested in purchasing a copy, dependent on a realistic price?


Kabbalah Cushions

I have been reading regularly from Talking Spirit this month, meeting with some new clients and a few familiar faces. It is always a real compliment when someone returns for a reading with me. As well as reading, I have also kept up with my work at the sewing machine, slowly adding new items to my Tiferet Tarot store. As well as continuing to make and sell tarot pouches, I have been putting together a selection of cushion covers, based around my study of Kabbalah.

I have been studying through The Kabbalah Centre for over a decade and the wisdom I have accumulated is distributed within all of my readings. I have often wanted to use the ten Sephirot of The Tree of Life and the twenty-two Hebrew letters within my visual art. This month, I have used the letters to inspire cushion covers. Many of these handmade covers will be hitting the shop in January.

blog cushions


With each letter comes meaning and power. Each design has been appliquéd in layers and is finished with a zig-zag stitch. All cushions have zip closures, with a fabric covering to hide them. In this photo, you can see Vav and Bet.

I have been drawn to the alphabet for many years, seeing their shapes within the nature around me, so this is a project which is particularly dear to my heart.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Should you wish to comment on any of this months stories, please do. As always, I welcome your thoughts, testimonials or questions.

To book an in-person reading with me or to enquire about or reserve a place on my February beginners tarot course at Talking Spirit, please call Lorraine on 07930 539004. Talking Spirit is situated at Mill Yard Craft Centre, 26 Swan St, West Malling, Kent ME19 6LP

To book a place at the Living Cafe reading evening, please call Jo or Lisa on 01622 756445. The Living Cafe is situated at 28 Earl Street, Maidstone ME14 1PP.

Products and online/email readings can be found at my shop. For all other enquiries, please contact me at 


11 thoughts on “December Update

    • I have no idea how I am going to do this yet. I am kind of waiting for the new year to be upon me before I look into it properly. But of course, if I found a way of self-publishing, I would keep it reasonable. I wouldn’t be including bits and bobs as I know many people just want a deck. Will see what happens in 2015.

      It is growing, slowly but surely. It takes time to establish yourself, even if I have been hanging around the tarot community for a long, long time. This business has only really been about as long as this blog. I am proud of what I have achieved this far though. The support of friends like yourself has been a bit part of it.


  1. Wow! Holy cow, Steve! I’m so very impressed by everything you’re working on. A burgeoning tarot practice with great exposure and gigs, designing the cushions, a tarot deck, and more. It’s so inspiring! It reminds me of what someone can do when they’re really invested in themselves. Congrats and you’re really making the transition into next year a powerful one with all this stuff!


    • Thanks Hannah. Confidence was always the switch that needed to be flipped. And then I got to a point where I thought ‘I’m going to do this’. Sometimes, you’ve just got to shove yourself out there, whether you think you are ready or not. You could wait forever, if you wait for what you believe is the right time.

      It’s all very small and slow but it seems to be moving in the right direction. I want to create a business which has substance and a good reputation, so building it up at not too great a speed is what it properly needs.


  2. There is so much going on! And good for you with the completion of a second tarot deck!
    Self-publishing seems to be the way to keep the deck without alterations. It would mean you know where it’s meant to go and you have absolute word over it.

    Companies will give you extensive promotions and get other people acquainted with your work. It puts you on the radar, but it may mean some ‘refinements’ will be applied to the deck.

    Either way, you are making your labor of love accessible to others, which is quite a gift. : )

    The tarot nights at the café sound so wonderful! Trust that I would stop by if I was closer to you. It would be amazing to meet you in person!

    Many exciting things are coming your way, and I am happy to be here to see it! ♡♡


    • I have been waiting for the New Year to come so that I can concentrate on what I am going to do with the deck then. I am still waiting on a quote from a printer. But with so many other things to do, it has been put on the backburner for the moment.

      It would be lovely for you to drop by. Maybe one day! 🙂

      I have days where it feels like nothing is happening. And then other days feel so busy and I can slow down my mind. I am 100% appreciative of all of the support of people with these various projects. It really is lovely to have people on this journey with me 🙂


  3. I’m so glad Spirit is finished! I’m up for two decks, please 🙂 Good luck with branching out into this new venue, sounds like it’ll be a good addition to where you have been. And I like the cushions, too, funky and spiritual at the same time 😉


    • Thanks Chloe. And thanks for your support throughout the project. I will keep you informed with how things go with the deck.

      I am hoping the cafe will work. I have another one I am going to talk to as well. I need to set aside time to do all of these things.


      • Ah yes, that old Devil time! I have so many things I want to do, and all of them take time… We’ll see what actually gets done, but I hope I’ll be happy with what I do achieve, even if it isn’t everything I want 😀


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