Your cards: 22nd – 28th December

Here are your cards for the 22nd – 28th December 2014

Cups 04 SAs we step into the week of Christmas, some of you may be feeling apathetic. Over here in the UK, the buzz orchestrated by advertisers and retailers started at the end of October, which could leave many people feeling as though Christmas should be done and dusted by now.

In the first card of the week, the 4 of Cupswe see someone who has had enough of a good thing. Maybe that extra cup brought by the waiter symbolises yet another Christmas party, social engagement, or offer. Right now, this guy doesn’t need it and turns away.

Have you had a little too much Christmas cheer already? Is there something else you are resisting or withdrawing from? Often, this card will show up to represent the blues or the results of indulgence. However, the flip side is that we shut ours self off from potential offers which could be good for us. Of course, it is commendable to know when you have had enough of something, but remember to not push away every opportunity without checking over the finer details first! It could be you who loses out.

5 Hierophant SAs we move into Christmas Eve and  Christmas Day, we meet with The Hierophant.

It seems kind of apt for this card to turn up on Wednesday and Thursday, since it is connected to spirituality and belief. The figure in the background symbolises a guide or someone who connects you to a higher power.

The Hierophant concerns conformity, rules and tradition. For these few days, you may feel confined by the itineraries of others or as though you’ve lost your own identity. This can happen at times when we are at the mercy of other people’s plans and organisation.

This card might be hinting that you should go with the flow and simply enjoy the festivities. The alternative is to push against the tide. For some people, in specific situations, this might be the thing to do. Which is best for you?

01 Fool SAs we move into the weekend, we stand at the edge of the precipice with The Fool and his dog. Behind us is a brilliant sun. Below us is a steep fall. Do we teeter on the edge or do we throw our self forward into the unknown?

This is an interesting card to find at the end of the year. The Fool propels us from one situation to another. He provides a place for us to leap, so could symbolise a gateway into 2015. He most definitely suggests we dive into new things, shedding the worries and fears of the past year behind us.

What does this card foretell for Saturday and Sunday? Even though The Fool can be foolish on occasion, he does embrace new and exciting opportunities with grace. As we reach the end of the week, look for benefit in risks. This card does not encourage you to take stupid chances, but instead, advises spontaneity and the tasting of experiences you’d not usually find time to experience. Moreover, as we cast aside 2014, allow yourself to become open to a year of new opportunity and chance.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


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