Your Cards: 15th – 21st December

Here are your cards for the 15th – 21st December.

Pentacles 07 SWe start this week with the 7 of Pentacles.

The person in this card looks at what he has achieved. The bush in front of him holds the results of his efforts and one lone Pentacle sits at the end of his rake.

This card represents a pause. As the week begins, a time of evaluation is either needed or forced upon us. As the year comes to an end, how do you feel about your lot? Have you achieved all that you wanted to this year? Could you shift your attention in some way or change direction for a better result?

When this card comes up, we take a step back and try our best to assess where we are at. Has a relationship run it’s course, is a business venture still serving us well, or could we try out a new path which might be more beneficial? These are the kind of questions you may be asking yourself at the beginning of this week.

16 Tower SAs we move into the middle of the week, we come face to face with the exploding Tower.

The pause from the beginning of the week is disturbed and we are catapulted into movement again; quite possibly without warning.

But is the explosion brought about by this card really a surprise? Often, we are more responsible for the chaos in our life than we might wish to admit. When you try to sweep things under the carpet, they have a habit of tripping you up sooner or later. If you don’t acknowledge a problem, the Universe will point it out for you. This will not always be an easy process and many will feel thrown from a position of assumed comfort like the two in this illustration.

This card probably appears more dramatic than it will feature in your week but it would advise sorting out loose ends on Monday and Tuesday which could blow up in your face without attention further on down the line.

Cups 09 SMany people believe that each card is either good or bad. I try to remind clients and students that there are blessings in each and every one. In many of life’s difficult experiences, there is something to learn or take away from the situation. The Tower clears a path for something new. This week, as we reach Saturday, it will become obvious what this is. For the weekend, we have the 9 of CupsIn this image, we see someone who is emotionally content and appears without a care.

The 9 of Cups certainly brings about accomplishment at the end of the week. It brings self-contentment after difficulty or disappointment, presenting a silver lining or reward for many of us. As you wade through the beginning of the week, you may not be able to comprehend this, but by Sunday, expect abundance or a personal wish to be granted.

Anything which is really worth it doesn’t arrive without a little effort and difficulty though. We never really appreciate the good stuff if it is too easy to obtain. These cards echo that idea. Enjoy what and who you have this week, remembering what you needed to go through to get to where you are.


© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


3 thoughts on “Your Cards: 15th – 21st December

  1. Since I have a lot of spare time now, this Eight of Pentacles suits me just fine. I like to evaluate this year by rummaging trough my journals and find out what I have accomplished and what my challenges will be for the coming year.
    I love the way you read your own cards and I enjoy reading these weekly posts 🙂
    PS I’ve written a post about my gorgeous tarotbag


    • For you, maybe it represents taking a little time to think of how you can do things differently at the present time. Are there other ways you can contribute as you rest? Could you even record your voice maybe, rather than type and cause your injury more harm?

      I don’t believe The Tower is all bad. Even when situations seem like the worst possible thing, they offer us new perception and a chance to build again with added understanding.

      I just read and commented, re the bag. It looks great. I am so chuffed that you are enjoying it. Makes give-aways like this such a worthy thing to do.


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