Your Cards (December 1st – 7th) and Give-away Results!

Cups 12 SAs this week begins, we have drawn the Knight of Cups.

This tarot Knight stands before a large body of water, his element of choice. Water is associated with emotions and matters of the heart. As you can see, he is captivated by his Cup, suggesting that it is love and emotional situations which motivate him.

The Knight of Cups can often turn up to represent a lover within a reading, since he shamelessly wears his heart on his sleeve. Due to his sensitivity, he is very in-tune with his feelings; at worst, he can become moody or irrational. This young man has a beautiful vision of both love and life. Unfortunately, it is not always realistic.

Does this knight refer to you? Or is he someone who will be significant for you on Monday and Tuesday? At best, he can bring love into your life or symbolise some kind of movement – maybe a romantic trip is on the cards or you’ll be invited to spend time with a loved one. You might well be involved with something you love.

The Knight of Cups is often a welcome card in tarot readings but remember to not sacrifice your mind for your heart entirely. As wonderful as it is to be swept up within the moment, there are times when we allow love or expectation to cloud what is really in front of us.

Pentacles 07 SAs we move into the middle of the week, evaluation becomes important.

The 7 of Pentacles suggests a time of pause and consideration.

Have you been putting a lot of effort in of late? This could concern work or studies, but in terms of your week, it can describe dedication or commitment invested into anything – a new home, exercise, a diet, a relationship, or a pastime. Often, we throw ourselves into something relentlessly to begin with. We don’t always see the fruits of our labour straight away and for some, this will be disappointment and they’ll wonder if it is worth continuing. This card suggests you look at where you’re at on Wednesday and Thursday. Do you think you’ve put as much in to a chosen pursuit as you can or is it worth continuing. It might be that a short break and a pause for thought will present a new way of achieving what you’re looking for.

Shadow Knight of Pentacles Finalsmall 2As we reach the end of the week, we confront the Knight of Pentacles.

This card adds meaning to both the Knight of Cups and the 7 of Pentacles.

This knight concerns himself with practicality and hard work. He is not afraid of rolling up his sleeves and getting on with things, since he has his feet planted firmly on the ground. His desire to move forward is realistic and pragmatic. He knows where he needs to be and finds ways in which he can get there. He may not move quickly, but he always achieves his goals.

The Knight of Pentacles would advise us to invest more effort into things of importance this week. He is not a quitter. He would also ask us to look for the reality in a situation, rather than becoming absorbed by fantasy and the romance within partnerships or confrontational situations.

Since we have reached December, my give-away is now closed. The names were put into a hat, mixed up, and then drawn. The tarot pouch has been won by Ellen of Greylady’s Hearth.

Ellen, please contact me at with your details and I will post your bag this week. Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who entered!




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


8 thoughts on “Your Cards (December 1st – 7th) and Give-away Results!

  1. YAY Steve! Thank you so much! I am so happy and grateful for winning your giveaway. I will cherish this bag and I will find a lovely and fitting occupant for it. I will send you my address and of course I am going to write a post about it.
    Big Hug


    • It’s lovely to be able to deliver Happy Monday News 🙂 And I know you already have many larger-size decks that would fit it.

      Drop me a message here if you have any problems emailing. I think you have my address already anyway, don’t you?



  2. I really enjoy reading your “cards for the week” posts; you offer such fresh interpretations of all the cards, so it’s easy for me to read them as a timeline/story. 🙂
    Congrats to you Ellen!


  3. Hey Ellen, congratulations. Which delicious deck are you going to put in your new purple bag with the birdies? I loved that fabric.

    Oooh, the Knight of Pentacles: Old Stodgy likes to smell newly mown grass and feel the sun.


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