Your Cards: November 24th – 30th

Here are your cards for November 24th – 30th.

Cups 03 sma 2

As we head towards a month of parties and Christmas festivity, it is not a surprise to see a card like the 3 of Cups turn up. As with the traditional version, mine shows three women involved in celebration, as they dance beneath the moon.

This card represents our emotional-community. It connects us to our social-circles and groups. As well as reminding us that we have good friends in life, it can also suggest invitations. Have you been invited to more celebrations than usual? Are you celebrating something yourself, which you wish to share with your loved ones? The 3 of Cups symbolises good news and suggests that social invitation and celebration is on its way this week.

Could a card like this have a darker side? Well, yes. Most people love a drink, a dance, and a laugh, but when this card acts as a warning, it might describe burning the candle at both ends. Enjoy your friendships and social occasions, but maintaining a balance is key. Remember that there will be plenty of opportunities to socialise and relax at the end of December, so try not to let social occasion get in the way of all of the things which need to be done this week!

Pentacles 14 SAs we reach the middle of the week, we are greeted by the King of PentaclesThis guy understands and enjoys the luxurious aspects of life, since he has worked his way to the top. He might be a property owner, business man or someone who can help or advise you with the material components of your life. In the middle of the city, he lays back on his penthouse balcony, appreciating both the view and his financial trophies.

Who is this man in your week? Is there someone who can advise or assist you with your finances, business or other goals? Maybe he is you, enjoying all that you have earned. This king could well be connected to the celebratory meanings attached to the 3 of Cups.

01 Magician SAfter such positive cards at the beginning and in the middle of this week, we find focus with The Magician during the weekend.

The Magician has the correct tools to move forward and can finally put something into motion. This card represents personal power and the opportunity to ground things which inspire us in the material world.

Do you feel as though you are ready to start something new? As this card concentrates on the end of the week, your weekend could present an opportunity for power and influence. Maybe it is connected to the two previous cards – of celebration and assistance. This is a time to get the ball rolling, so use your power and tools both wisely and honestly.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


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