November Update

meTalkingSpiritThe seasons have definitely shifted, haven’t they? Even though the sunshine has stayed longer into the year than I’d imagined it would, the evenings are arriving that much quicker and I have noted a distinct drop in temperature.

My first Circle!

After firing off emails to those I have taught through my beginner’s courses, I held my first tarot circle in a shop in West Malling, Kent, this month. A handful of us squeezed into the lovely little Tudor shop on a chilly Thursday evening. Armed with biscuits and coffee, we chatted about tarot, decks, and spreads. It was the first time that the students from both of my courses had met. I knew they would all get along and I can already see that the group is going to be strong and share a lot of laughs. There is a wonderful respect for each others opinion amongst us. I noticed how everyone enjoyed to listen, as well as talk.

Even though I am facilitating the circle, I want it to be the group which sets the guidelines. We begin with a little time focused on each of us, where we go around the circle and share how our last month with tarot has been. We discuss readings we have performed, new decks we have purchased and share our difficulties. This time, one lady broke out her new [Kat Black] Golden Tarot and a big discussion grew around The Tower. We have decided that we will look into a number each month, so in December we will be starting with the number 1, The Magician and the four Aces.


The circle is only open to those who have been on my course. It is a little extra for those who sign up and is a way for my students to keep a hand in and talk with others on the same path. I gain no profit from the small fee I charge, which is used for the evening’s rent and refreshments. I have wanted to do something like this for a long time and thanks to Tracy Sharman at Talking Spirit, I now have a venue I can use for this circle and my classes.


Third Run for my Beginner’s Class!

In three months time, I have planned to teach my beginner’s class again. I received such a great response from my last group, which filled me with joy.

Microsoft Word - Beginners Tarot Course 2 Flyer.docxI will be running the course from the same venue as last time, Talking Spirit, in Swan Street, West Malling. It is a small shop, so places are limited. Of course, it would be nice to reach more people, but having a small number of students means that my classes are more intimate and everyone gets attention and a chance to ask questions. There is a reduction in price for anyone who pays in full.

I get a real buzz from teaching the tarot. I try to make my classes as interactive and fun as possible. My aim is to help people use the cards for them self, so have designed exercises which focus on the practical side of reading for self-reflection and for those who wish to eventually read the tarot for others. By setting aside time for reading-practice, my classes have helped the less-confident of readers trust their own knowledge and intuition and find their own tarot voice.


New Site!

It has taken me a long time to get my own domain. In the past, I have used free website-builders, which have been good, but simply filled the gap. This month, I bit the bullet and bought

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 13.45.58Putting a website together is no mean feat. There were more than a handful of head-scratching-moments and even more times where I cursed at the screen in frustration. Thankfully, I have enough graphics experience to put all of my flyers, banners and pages together, but sorting out my new shop and how to get one thing to link to another really tested my patience.

However, after a week or two of working on it, is now up and running. Even though most of the magic happens here on this blog, it is a base where new clients or those interested in tarot can find out about me, my services, and also pick up a free desktop wallpaper in my free section. The shop is not yet full, but I will soon be offering a wide array of specialised email and Skype readings, as well as homemade tarot pouches, painted shoes and other tarot accessories.

Tarot Bags and the Plus-size Deck

karmaAs many of you are well aware, a lot of tarot decks do not come with a decent tuck-box. Take the kits from Llewellyn as an example –  they arrive in bulky packaging [to accommodate their hefty accompanying books] and are often only shrink-wrapped. There is a simple (but not terribly useful or attractive) white box within their packs, so most readers end up seeking alternative homes for their decks. Besides, the large packaging takes up a lot of space.

I have bought many tarot bags over the years but have found some to be too roomy. They have allowed the deck to move about too freely inside and  the odd couple of cards have become bent. In other cases, I have found standard bags too small for larger decks.

I have handmade a new range of pouches this month, with my focus on the plus-size deck. A Hay House set would fit perfectly into one of these, but your Druidcraft would sit snuggly here too.

Angel Bag

Each bag is made from attractive fabrics, is fully-lined, and has a layer of wadding inserted for extra protection. Each has a wristlet and a front-pocket, which would comfortably hold a little-white-book or small manual. You might want to put some of your business cards in the front or a few spread notes. Rather than a zip, each bag has a strong metallic closure at its mouth – some in silver and some in bronze, to suit the style of each fabric. So, if you’re looking for a new home for one of your larger tarot sets (as big as Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot, but not as large as the Sirian Starseed), then maybe one of these might be a solution. They will be hitting the shop on my site this month, as well as being available at Talking Spirit. If you feel lucky, why not enter my give-away and try to win one!


Tarot has brought about more opportunities this month. It has certainly kept me busy. If you fancy commenting on any of the stories in this post, please do. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Talking Spirit can be found at Mill Yard Craft Centre, 26 Swan St, West Malling, Kent ME19 6LP
07930 539004


8 thoughts on “November Update

  1. Oh well, I always fancy commenting when people are obviously having a good rummage through new decks and books and fabric.

    I like the idea of a tarot circle with people who have taken your courses. There is a depth of camaraderie that occurs in a course over weeks and then you get the joy of working on your own but coming back for discussion. So nice to share the passion.


    • The women on both courses didn’t all know each other previously, but as the weeks went on, friendships were made and everyone really enjoyed the meeting up. This continues that social element, as much as keeping a hand in with card-reading. It is really lovely to share decks and spreads and opinions in this way. Everyone is so respectful of each other, which makes it a great experience. Even though of different levels, we all are open to learning from the person next to us.


  2. How absolutely amazing how you brought the groups together. The fact that so many people actually attended shows what kind of work you are putting out. You are providing a platform for so many things here; it’s beautiful.


  3. Wow, what a lot going on! I love the sound of your tarot circle, and your flyer looks great. Looking forward to delving over on the new website, and those tarot bags are extremely tempting! Will you also make regular size ones? I’m always looking out for nice new tarot bags 😀


    • Thanks Chloe.

      Yes, I will be making regular-sized ones. Quite possibly with horizontal closings though, if that makes sense. I will make up a sample later, I think. Should be snug and easier to transport than ‘vertical’ drawstring bags. I’m really pleased you like them!


  4. Steve your journey is such an inspiration to follow. You are really making things happen for yourself. and you sound so confident and strong.I am so happy for you


    • Thanks, Ellen. That is such a kind thing to say.

      I am really trying to make a go of things. Of course, there are always the odd setbacks and days where things don’t go as planned, but I am trying to build this business from the ground up. Things take time and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Cliches but true. I have to keep telling myself that every brick I place into this will one day become a castle.


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