Tiferet Give-away!

WP_20141118_019As well as working on my [nearly complete] tarot deck, I have also been at the sewing machine this week.

Over the last few years, I have sewn a lot. I have made over a hundred original bags, children’s clothing, soft toys, and ladies dresses (you can see my work here). As much as I have enjoyed selling my many sew-ups to many great customers, I have stepped back from the machine to make way for my tarot work since the Summer.

However, I have not hung up my tape-measure entirely. I have begun to design pouches for tarot decks; in particular, a selection for larger decks. Each is fully lined, bound, padded with wadding for extra protection, and has a magnetic closure at its mouth.

Bag 02

WP_20141118_014I thought it might be nice to give one of these away, so I chose some nice fabrics this afternoon and put one together. As shown, it is large enough for a Hay House size deck (but is just not big enough for the Sirian Starseed). Each bag is 15 x 21cm, has a wristlet to its side and has a bound pocket on the front, which fits a manual or a few crystals, perhaps.

If you would like to win this tarot pouch, leave a comment here on this post and I will draw a winner at random on 1st December.


Good luck and thanks for your continued support!



21 thoughts on “Tiferet Give-away!

  1. Like Sharyn, I am not entering because I sew myself. This would make a lovely pouch for someone who doesn’t like to sew. I love the pocket on the front. The bias binding is a good idea, it gives it reinforcement where it’s likely to wear.

    Is that the Bluebird of Happiness on the fabric? I think it is. This would go well with any delicious purple-y deck, or a bird deck, plus you can get a notebook in it for making notes on draws. I always like that. Ooooh nicely padded, I like that too.


    • Thanks Judy. It is a stable pouch, which would be a nice home for a larger deck. I think the bias also helps that pocket to stand out.

      You know, I don’t know what that bird is. I picked up the fabric in a remnant bin in a great fabric store in Brighton. I think it is lovely. I wanted to create something that wouldn’t just suit a female.


  2. Steven, these are amazing. They look beautifully made and I love the fabric and colours. I don’t have any bigger decks but is love the bag anyway. Looks like it would hold a normal deck and a book – perfect for what I normally take to work on the train 🙂

    Thanks so much for creating the giveaway. Its kind of you to share.



    • Thanks Dawn. I really appreciate your thoughts! Yes, it would hold a standard deck comfortably, with room for something else. Of course, you could put anything in it really.

      Will add you to the give-away list!


  3. Hi Steve. I LOVE the bag and although I’d love to win it, I’m mostly writing to say how happy I am to have found your new place here. I thought I’d ”lost” you. 😦
    Beautiful place and beautiful stuff. Can’t wait to read your posts.



  4. Ooh, me please in the giveaway! I shall also pop over to your new website and buy a bag or three – perfect Christmas gifts, as well as homes for my own new arrivals 😉


    • I’ve put you into the giveaway box, Chloe!

      All of my bags have gone into the ‘physical shop’ but in the next day or two, I will be cutting and making a new batch. I’ll drop you a mail and let you know when they are in the internet shop. Should be this week. I’ll add a few different sizes to the mix.


        • Yes, I really need to get some things in that shop!

          I am painting Marseille-inspired shoes today, as well as getting my cards for the deck finished. I wanted to try and get some bags made too but have to book an appointment to see a cafe about reading there/hiring it out. So, many things to do. But I will get those bags made and up there as soon as possible. I can always let you know which ones from that photo are still in my ‘physical shop’ when I go there on Wednesday.

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