Your Cards – November 17th – 23rd

Here are your cards for the November 17 – 23rd.

18 The Moon SAs we begin this week, The Moon glides into focus.

Although an object of great beauty, The Moon in tarot is sometimes connected with uncertainty and illusion. Without natural light, the familiar aspects of life can become distorted. Under the light of the moon, shadows form and people are not what they seem.

The Moon has a control over all of us and can adjust our mood. As this week begins, be conscious of this pull. Are those things you see around you real or are they simply shadows? Often, we see things which we believe are one thing but are actually something quite different. This can lead to anxiety and worry. Sometimes, it is our own personal fears which turn a simple scenario into something complex. Are you questioning someone’s good intentions, concerned that they might not be genuine? What are you fearing and how are you projecting this onto the situations in your life and the people  around you? Find a way of shining a light on the shadows and look for fact and clarity during Monday and Tuesday. When The Moon glides into our week, the truth is our greatest aide.

Pentacles 08 SAre you in a position to try something new? As we reach Wednesday and Thursday, the 8 of Pentacles points towards learning new skills.

Do you have the opportunity for training? Is there something you could learn by yourself? Keep your eyes peeled because their may be an option for self-improvement, to add extra lines to your life-CV, or take on more responsibility through work.

The 8 of Pentacles shows someone practicing on a sewing machine. The man is taking it slowly and improving his knowledge and practice. If this card does not indicate on-the-job-training or a course of some kind, it might be a solitary interest you put effort into or a new pastime which you invest time and energy.

What will you learn this week? What can you perfect, polish or practice?

As we head into the weekend, we are greeted by The Devil.

Shadow devil small 2A lot of people find this card a worry, but remember that this creature is not an external problem. Most often, he is a aspect of our self. He is that part of us which is seduced by money, fame, or anything which we know is not healthy in excess.

There is nothing wrong with a couple of glasses of wine. I’d say that treating yourself to something nice on occasion is healthy too. However, when this card is in play, we drink too much, spend too much, eat too much, or attach our self to people or things which we know will do us little good. Often, we do this because something is missing within. We seek satisfaction and bursts of light in the external and material things in life because we believe that they will provide what we lack. They never do. In excess, they only succeed in making us feel even more lost. When we buckle under spending, addiction or obsession, we are simply giving away our personal power.

As we hit Friday, you might be feeling out of balance. What or who are you handing your control over to? Sometimes, we can regain power by saying ‘no’, whether it is to that fourth pint of beer or the guy who depends on you always running around after him. Ask yourself why you do these things and become aware of where balance is in your own life. For this weekend, make a mental note of what controls you and see if you can make small steps towards taking back the reins!




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


4 thoughts on “Your Cards – November 17th – 23rd

  1. I really like the updated version of the Eight of Pentacles with the sewing machine! I can see myself in this reading – first fearing that I might not have what it takes (self-worth issues bubbling to the surface), then buckling down and doing it any way. But the Devil shows up to distract me, though as you noted, he is really just that doubting, fearful part of me that wants to put the responsibility elsewhere.


    • Thanks Bev!

      The reason I do these cards is because I think everyone can find advice in the throws. They provide ideas which can be applied to many situations. They present new ways of looking at problems we may not have considered. In that sense, everyone should find varying degrees of usefulness in these weekly reads.

      I can see how you find meaning here. The cards act as reminders of self-worth and nagging distractions. I hope you combat the Devil with your machine of choice this week and buckle down 🙂


  2. Lovely interpretations, Steve. And there’s something fascinating in your addition of a baby to the Devil card. We pretend we’re powerless and innocent, but even babies have preferences and make choices! 🙂


    • Thanks, Chloe.

      I like this Devil card. And you are absolutely right about the baby. I added this baby because it constantly searches for stimulation outside of itself to stay happy and content. And The Devil, in shorts and trainers, shows how the temptation for this kind of desire exists in all of us. I’m really glad you like it. This version feels less threatening than many others. Possibly because it reminds us that we do have will and control and power and it is up to us whether we give it away or not.


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