In Focus: Page of Wands

Shadow Page of Wands Final SmallThe Page of Wands is the youngest member of the Wand court.

In this fiery-orange image, we see a young man. We cannot see how he is dressed, but we might guess that he is wearing clothing suitable for outdoor pursuits or even sportswear. This guy is active and enthusiastic and loves to get out there and enjoy life.

I relate all Pages to the element of Earth, since they are the youngest in the court and represent seeds (much like the Aces). Since Wands refer to fire, I would label this guy as Fire of Earth. 

This card describes a person of any age who has a youthful enthusiasm. This Page wants to run before he can walk, can get bored easily, and doesn’t enjoy sitting about for very long. His excitement can be infectious but his lack of experience holds him back in some situations.

When he does not describe a person, the Page of Wands represents exciting news, raw passion and the beginning of something exciting.

2 Cups Page WandsWhen the Page of Wands sits after the 2 of Cups (as he does here) it is likely that he will represent someone in the life of the person being read for. He could be a friend or a prospective lover. The couple in the 2 of Cups get to know each other under the moonlight. The Page of Wands could easily be one of them.

This young man’s fiery nature boils up and excites emotional water-types and romantic situations, since he is fun to be around. He is raw and exciting and, due to his youth, unpolished and a bit rough around the edges. He is the kind of person who will encourage you to get up and out and to try new things. Time with the Page of Wands will not be dull because he has so much energy, but if you are looking to settle down and build a home around you, he might not be your ideal companion … just yet. Because he symbolises new beginnings and the start of exciting times, in this pairing, he could describe a fun encounter or a new relationship taking off at great speed.

Page Wands FoolThe Page of Wands meets his match in this combination. The Fool is also a card of new beginnings, excitement and risk.

When The Fool follows the Page of Wands, the cards describe someone who is impulsive, daring and who thrives on jumping into new situations feet-first. In many readings, this might be just the confirmation someone needs to propel them from A-B. In others, it might be a hint for them to walk their own walk and express their vibrant individuality. I am sure that many in the entertainment industry possessed the energy of both of these cards at the beginning of their career. This pairing is all about drive and taking a chance.

Of course, no card or combination is entirely positive or entirely negative. Even though the Page of Wands has a lot going for him, his experience is limited. When ill-dignified or in a difficult spread-position, these cards could describe someone who makes unconsidered choices or who jumps from project to project, job to job, or relationship to relationship. He could also describe a hyperactive or energetic child who needs your attention or who might be exhausting to handle.





© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


5 thoughts on “In Focus: Page of Wands

  1. @ seeds. I had the same thought about my page of disk from the Mary El tarot: since he was a baby i first took him for the ace
    And OMG what a beautiful elegant Fool you have made: balancing on this rock in the radiant sun light. To jump or not to jump …..:)


    • A lot of designers use close-ups to get real focus and personality, but here, I think some of my distance images work the best – like The Fool, Strength and The Hermit. You can really take them in because of the environment where they sit or stand. Thanks Ellen!

      Have had a busy week so not blogged so much. Off to look at your draws!


  2. That is a fabulous Fool! And I love that the Page looks ready to jump up and run, just as soon as someone points him in some direction 🙂 Your description suits my little one so well, right now. He always wants to be crawling or trying to stand, though his control is still very wobbly. Not that he lets that stop him 😀


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