Your Cards: November 10th – 16th

Here are your cards for November 10th – 16th.

Pentacles 06 SAs the week starts, we find the 6 of Pentacles in our reading.

This is a card of help and support. In most traditional tarot sets, one person helps another and it is up to us to discern whether we are the supporter or the supported.

How do you feel? Do you need some kind of assistance?

As we begin this week, you are likely to find help in your community if you ask, so don’t suffer in silence. The support you receive could be financial but the 6 of Pentacles could suggest that someone will offer you the gift of their time. Accept this wonderful display of charity, but remember to not become too dependent on the help of others, since the energy of the 6 of Pentacles is only temporary.

Often, we do not recognise those things we have to offer. Even when it feels as though we are the ones in greatest need, we still have wisdom to depart, time to share, and physical belongings we no longer have a need for. How can you assist or help somebody else to feel better about them self this week? We all have something we can share with someone else.

New Death small copyAs we move into Wednesday and Thursday, we meet the Death card.

Death is not always something to be feared. Without the death of relationships, jobs, projects or ideas, many new unions, careers, thoughts or creative ventures would never be formed. Often, we know which things in life need to end but we resist pulling the trigger and putting them out of their misery. Similarly, when something has ended for us, we rarely look at the positive aspects of its closing down to begin with.

What needs to finish in your life? Is something not working? Is there a situation you can move on from now? Closure is healthy. What thought, worry or bad relationship is lingering in your life?

Cups 08 SThe 8 of Cups follows on smoothly after Death. When we realise that something is not working or we make a conscious decision to walk away from a situation which is lacking, the next logical step is to go in search of something fresh and new. This decision is not entirely a logical one though. Emotionally, we feel a strong desire to get more out of our life.

As we head into the weekend, consider new options which might not have seemed possible before. What is it you really want? Many people look at their ‘lot’ in life and tell them self that they have nothing to grumble about. In comparison to how many people in our world live (or have lived), they are probably right. But there is a possibility for all of us to be more than we are in this moment. What small changes can you make to be more than you are this week and reach your full potential?

For many people, this weeks cards might be difficult to approach. Asking for support, giving up time, facing endings, and challenging what is comfortable is not easy. These cards do not advise you disturb your life or the life of anyone else, but they do encourage you to become the best version of yourself that you can be this week.

If you have any comments about this weeks cards, just drop me a message below!




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


12 thoughts on “Your Cards: November 10th – 16th

  1. “Don’t suffer in silence” is such good advice and a perfect description of the Six of Pentacles. Especially since it appears the exact opposite is happening in the Five of Pentacles!


    • The five pentacles at the top of this card remind us of what went before. This is important in our giving of charity, since it is a recognition of our own struggles. The sixth pentacle is placed in the charity box, illustrating that we all have something to give, even if it feels as though we don’t. The card asks us both ‘what do we need?’ and ‘What can we give?’.

      Thanks for your great thought there, BS!


  2. Oh my, that Death and Eight of Cups combo describes the end of last week very well! Big changes afoot at the TABI blog, making me reassess my priorities and where I’m headed 🙂 Hope you had a good weekend, Steve!


    • Sounds interesting, Chloe. I hope they have provided new ways of looking at things.

      Yes, I did. Had a lot of readings over Thursday and Friday so had a nice restful couple of days after 🙂 Hope you are well too!


      • Yes, I shall no longer be going it alone on the TABI Blog – it’s going to become a community voice. Means less work for me (theoretically) and a more interesting blog – score! 🙂
        Glad you had a good weekend, and that you are getting a good amount of readings. Are those at the store your read in?


        • That’s not your personal blog, no?

          Yes, I have been getting a good amount in. Some were at the shop but others were a party arranged independently from there.

          I’ve been editing the silhouette deck today. I have added bits, changed bits, and redone some cards. I wanted to get the editing done before I finished the last ten as it was a chore I really haven’t been looking forward to.


              • Still knee-deep in the chore, haha.

                But hopefully, I will be able to get down to the other cards soon. I really want to get this deck finished this month. I have some of the stuff drawn out already so it is just a matter of sitting here and executing it. I really want to do something with this project. It grew out of a strange place but reminds me of a plant growing out of the pavement, reaching for life.


                  • Haha, no pressure. Except I am sewing a line of tarot-bags at the moment and am working on art projects with a friend too. Not to mention a birthday gift I need to run up this afternoon, the decorating shoe and a few workshops which need preparing, Sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be enough time!

                    But yes, publishing! I have been putting off thinking about that. Aside from what I learned from you, I am still quite clueless. I am not sure if I have self-publishing in me. I will see what happens when that last card is finished. I changed some a bit so there are a few altered ones on the blog deck directory.


            • Ah, that’s great. Always great to see new things growing from existing things. I see my own work developing in ways I hadn’t thought it would. I have to leave somethings behind, which I now notice is necessary. My sewing has become a smaller part of my current work but in many ways, that makes sense.


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