Your Cards: November 3rd – 9th

Here are your cards for the week of November 3rd – 9th.

Can you feel the seasons shifting? We’ve had a bright weekend over here in the UK, but I hear that things are soon to change now that we have hit November. It is meant to get chillier this week.

Shadow Queen of Wands Small 2The first card in this weeks trio, for Monday and Tuesday, is the Queen of Wands.

There is no doubt that this queen has a strong personality; she’s a born-leader, mover, and shaker. She’ll have little problem focusing on what she wants as the week begins. Is she you? Or is she someone in your environment? She might be a savvy work-colleague or a friend who enjoys organising those around her, making sure that everything is going to plan. At best, she can be helpful. At worst, she is overbearing, bossy, and pushy.

Start this week with confidence! If a situation requires it, use your will and inner-strength to control the world around you in the best way you can. Don’t allow others to treat you like a push-over. This queen wouldn’t and neither should you!

But what if the Queen of Wands is your opposition? It might be time to fight fire with fire. This could well stop her in her tracks, and in some situations, will earn her respect.

Swords 06 2nd small copyAs we get to Wednesday, expect a shift in pace. The 6 of Swords is a breath of fresh air, taking you out of any challenging situations and into a softer and more gentle environment. This card could represent a trip away but it is likely that the journey suggested will be metaphoric and bring about an easing-of-the-mind.

Do you need some quiet time? How about meditating or taking a walk within nature. This is a transformative card, which involves moving on from someone or something which is creating unnecessary waves. Relax in the knowledge that an opportunity to move on from anxiety, mind-games, or complex problems will become available by the middle of your week. There may also be someone willing to aid you in this, so keep your eyes peeled for them and their support.

Pentacles 07 SAs the week closes, you will be in a position of reflection. This is suggested by the 7 of Pentacles.

What have you achieved? What has not turned out how you wished it to? Why do you think this could be?

It is likely that you will be looking at things in a different way by the end of this week and be in a position to see things more clearly. How does this new perception help you to make decisions? Are things going well for you or do you need to alter your approach or take an entirely new direction. Expect greater clarity and new possibilities as you reach the weekend. These opportunities and a fresh way of thinking will leave you feeling inspired for the week ahead. You will view problems in a different way than you have been.

If these cards ring-true, drop by my comments section and let me know. Hopefully, we will all take a trip with the 6 of Swords this week and be able to make new decisions with a clearer mind-set.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


2 thoughts on “Your Cards: November 3rd – 9th

  1. Now that’s a pretty nice set of cards for the week! And I can already see the Queen of Wands’ influence: I’ve just taken on something I probably shouldn’t have, but it’s something I believe in, and helps out a friend… 🙂 At least it seems to be the Queen rather than the Ten of Wands in that choice 😀


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