In Focus: 8 of Wands

Wands 08 SOut of nowhere, eight rods appear. They soar through the air like lightning.

With the rods we see the figure of a man. Is he just touching ground with them? Or is he jumping out of their way?

The 8 of Wands is a card of speed and movement. When these wands journey through the skies and into a reading, life gets that little bit busier. For certain people, this will be a welcome charge forward. Some thrive on a fast-pace routine and enjoy jumping from one project or place to another. Personally, I am not at my best in hectic or pressurised situations, so this card is usually unwelcome in my own personal readings. I prefer to be prepared, but know that it is time to fasten my seat-belt and get ready to hit the ground running when this card is in play.

The 8 of Wands is generally a good omen. The arrival of the flying wands can relate to messages and opportunities. However, keep an eye on which cards sit before and after it – where are the wands coming from and where will they land?

2 Cups 8 WandsWhen the 8 of Wands is joined by the 2 of Cupswe see a relationship which is moving extremely quickly. This sort of thing happens sometimes. Two people meet, begin a relationship, and within a couple of months, set their sights on moving in together. In this honeymoon-period, they appear inseparable.

In some cases, two people will slot together very well and surprise even themselves by how quickly their relationship is developing; but in some readings, these cards could be cautioning against their rushing in too quickly and not thinking things through properly. These two cards may concern living arrangements, emotional dependency, or even physical intimacy in a new relationship.

8 Pents 8 WandsWhen accompanied by the 8 of Pentaclesnew skills and determination pay off. This is a successful combination, since it highlights movement, travel, and opportunities brought about from a foundation of hard work and learning.

If these cards come up together in a reading, they could suggest that study and effort will bring about relocation or far-reaching-opportunities. Deadlines might become tighter, but any new courses or training offered at this time would be advisable. Since there are two ‘8’s’ in this duo, the situation it describes is intensified.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


6 thoughts on “In Focus: 8 of Wands

  1. This Eight of Pentacles is just adorable! He reminds me of someone behind his sewing machine 😀
    For me the Eight of Wands is most of the time a sign I have to set my priorities straight and make a todolist


    • Thanks Ellen. I made that one really personal, as you noted. Whenever I see the 8 of Pentacles in a reading, I think of the multitudes of bags and orders I have sewn in the past few years. With each new item, I improve my skill. The process of the 8 of Pentacles is methodical.

      I read your thoughts about the 8 of Wands on your own blog. I have my own to-do list (post-it notes posed on the cupboard by my desk) so this makes sense for me this week. Lots to complete!


  2. I think that’s the Dazzling One in front of the machine…

    The 8 of Wands has become one of those cards for me where I check each deck to see how they handle it or change then R-W imagery or make it different. This guy’s really hopping, he says he wants to go on a trip NOW to see Chartwell and see the garden wall that Winston Churchill built himself.

    You are lucky I dropped by to interpret this excellent card.


    • I always love a JJ interpretation, you know that! 😉

      I think that including the person adds a bit more movement. Like you say, it is as if he is jumping off somewhere. Or as if the ground is just too hot from the sun to stay still.

      Chartwell, eh? He needs to get his new website, course flyer, and decorated shoes finished before he jumps off there!


  3. One of my favorite cards. Maybe it’s the Aries in me–I like speed sometimes! Impatience? Great job with your interpretation. Sometimes quick change can be unsettling, tower-like. I’ve found the 8 of Wands tends to be a LOT more mundane than the Tower. I like the pairings you did. 🙂


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