Your Cards: October 27th – 2nd November

Here are your cards for the week of October 27th – 2nd November.

New Death small copyHow was your weekend?

As this week begins, we meet with DeathI feel sorry for Lady Death sometimes because she is only doing her job. Most people fear her turning up in their readings; however, in many cases, she is simply trying to help them clear their life-clutter.

Endings are usually difficult to adjust to; but most often, they are necessary. This card suggests an ending which will have a strong influence on your week. Can you think of what this could be for you? Is there something which you need to put to bed or call time on? Can you do this before our dark angel turns up to do the job for you? Maybe a relationship has breathed its last breath, an idea is not working out, or you have decided that you’ll definitely quit one of your vices this time around!

As we all know, every ending brings about a new beginning. If we do not clear away what is no-longer-needed at the beginning of this week, then we can not make space for what is to come.

Wands 14 SAs we move into Wednesday and Thursday, we meet the King of WandsThis man sits beneath the heat of the sun, basking in its radiance and glory. He is successful and masterful and he knows it.

The King of Wands sits back and listens. When he isn’t up, out of that chair or doing something himself, he might have time to assist you or become an inspiring guide. He is a leader within the tarot pack and many will be struck by his charisma and authority. How can he be of assistance to you?

This card signifies a strong person who could be waiting in the wings to help you achieve your goals, join with you in some kind of passionate event, or inspire you to move on from difficult times. He is a boost after difficulties and will know just how to help motivate you.

Cups 02 small 2The 2 of Cups makes an appearance in time for the weekend.

This card speaks of partnerships, reconciliations and the coming together of people and hearts.

A couple join and toast their glasses in the moonlight by the sea. If you are on the lookout for love, then this card would be a good omen. This is not the card of strong or cemented relationship, but it does suggest meeting new individuals who share common and emotional interest. If you are in a relationship, it might present reconnecting to the source of love and spending time alone together, doing something enjoyable. Have you felt disconnected from your mate lately? What about sharing a meal or a film or asking your partner how their week went?

This card concerns all kinds of emotional relationships. It could be suggesting time spent with a good friend this weekend, meeting someone you get along with, or doing something which you enjoy. Of course, it is possible that you’ll participate in all three!

The 2 of Cups is a nice card to finish this week with. If Death or the King of Wands present any real challenges, then it will allow time to rest, recuperate and share your experiences with another person. Use the weekend to talk over anything which is bothering you, to laugh and to appreciate the uniqueness of those in your life.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


2 thoughts on “Your Cards: October 27th – 2nd November

  1. A lovely, uplifting take on these cards 🙂 And yes, Death is only doing her job, and as the saying goes, you cannot make space for the new without decluttering 😉


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