October Update

bwAs we reach the end of October, I am both completing projects and setting new goals.

Finishing old courses … and planning new ones!

Last week, I finished my first public tarot course for beginners. Run from a small shop in Kent, I delivered five weekly 3-hour classes, with the aim of guiding tarot-newbies towards reading small spreads without assistance. Some had already dipped their toes into the world of tarot card reading, where as one lady had never used a deck before. Starting with the first twenty pips of the Minor Arcana, I built their understanding of the deck up, week by week, through theory, debate, and [of course] practice. I was very lucky to have extremely open-minded and enthusiastic students, who soaked up all of the information they were given. Each lady invested 100% into her tarot practice and received her reward through confidence, understanding, and a familiarity with the entire tarot deck.

Even though I was extremely proud of all they’d achieved during those five weeks, I did feel sad to conclude the course last Thursday. I will miss meeting with this group of women on a weekly basis.


As we all know, with each ending comes a new beginning. Due to requests, I will be starting a local tarot circle. Run from the same shop, it will be open to those who have participated in my course. For a minimal fee (to cover rent and refreshments), I am planning to organise monthly meets, where tarot beginners and enthusiasts can discuss new decks, share experiences, ask each other questions, and practice. I will probably put together an exercise or spread each month, possibly focusing on the energy of just one card.

As well as the circle, I am planning to offer a refresher session for previous course attendees before Christmas, one-off workshops, and take orders for another five-week beginners course in February. I love to teach at Talking Spirit. Since the shop is small, it provides an intimate and friendly atmosphere to learn in.

Talking Spirit



A Deck of Silhouettes is almost complete!

As we bolt towards 2015, I am almost at the end of designing my silhouette tarot deck. The project began as a way of illustrating this blog, but as the months have passed, I have received many enquiries about the cards. I’d never considered them becoming a physical deck initially; I just wanted to bring life to these pages. However, with their colour-coded suits and simplicity, I can see how both beginners and advanced practitioners might enjoy the deck in their readings.

Even though I have received some advice from a soon-to-be-published friend, I have stepped back from looking into publication until the deck is complete. I have no idea if a publisher would be interested in my tarot silhouettes. I hope to approach companies in the not-so-distant-future but if you like them and have the means to get this deck into print, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me now! With just thirteen left to design (and a few to tweak), the job is almost done.




A True Classic

0738736082-2A few weeks ago, I reviewed Barbara Moore’s Classic TarotI’d been intrigued by it for a while but never thought it would demand any kind of real attention amongst my large tarot collection. I am mentioning the set here because I have used it exclusively since I got it. The borderless images have brought colour and movement into my readings and it has quickly become my go-to pack.

I have been listening to the Telesummit calls (organised by Kim Wilborn) daily and have used this set for the exercises and meditations. I did try to use another tarot for one of the sessions, but quickly re-grouped them, put them away, and grabbed my close-at-hand Classic Tarot. As a follow-up to my review, I can tell you that the deck is still as punchy as it was on opening it.


Put the Right Foot Forward

shoes2My final on-the-go project involves making tarot shoes. As some people on Twitter and Instagram know, I have begun to decorate pumps with tarot designs. My initial trial incorporated the Rider Waite Hanged Man, 3 of Swords, Moon, Sun, Wheel of Fortune and Ace of Pentacles into just one pair of men’s shoes. All pumps are painted with fabric pens and paint, so should be resistant to the elements. I plan to produce more one-off sets of shoes in time, so keep an eye out for them!

Tarot has dealt me many opportunities over the last couple of months and I look forward to seeing what it brings next. If you fancy commenting on any of the stories in this post, please do. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations from the Silhouette Tarot and on his Tarot Shoes by Steven Bright

Cover illustration from Barbara Moore’s Classic Tarot by Eugene Smith

Forthcoming courses and personal tarot readings can be booked through Talking Spirit



16 thoughts on “October Update

  1. Well my friend, you have been busy! How wonderful you have had such positive experiences. This must be such a boost for your confidence as reader and as teacher. The little store is just a little cozy nook to lay out you cards and enjoy the monthly meetings of you circle. I am so happy for you that everything is coming together so well for you
    Hugs Ellen


    • Yes, I have, It feels good. I am nowhere near where I want to be but I am making steps towards that. I have only really gone ‘live’ with my tarot business since the beginning of this blog some months ago so everything is quite new. But I feel good about these small achievements.

      Thanks Ellen 🙂


  2. I am thrilled beyond words to see how wonderfully things are turning out for you!! And I was just going to suggest a tarot circle right before I read that you would offer one. 😉 There’s one that happens every Saturday at our shop for two hours, come as you will; sometimes there’s one person, sometimes there’s too many for the room! And they laugh!! I wish I didn’t work then so I could attend. 😉

    The shoes…love. Really love.

    I’m brimming with joy for you. 🙂


  3. Thanks Pip. Slow beginnings, but I think I am putting the foundations in place by letting people know what I do. It’s a good idea to lay those ‘bricks’ firmly at the base, rather than build things high too quickly.

    Glad you like the shoes. I am working on a commission at the moment – some Sailor Jerry inspired tattoo shoes for a lady.

    Thanks for your support, as always. It means a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The tarot shop I used to go to 40 minutes away closed in 2006 I think it was. I still miss it, so to see this wonderful shop in your town and hear how open they are to new people is great. Lovely to have this update, and see your creativity go public.

    And of course the Silhouette…..;-)


    • It is the same for many of our shops too. And some of the bigger ones (like the first I went to in London) have rebranded and slimmed down their decks and books to make way for crystals. Those beautiful old tarot shops we remember are disappearing quickly. With them, the enchantment of purchasing decks in person is lost.

      It is wonderful to be offered this shop as a base – for readings, teaching, a circle. This is not something I can entertain from home and public places are too .. well, public. This is a safe haven for meets and practice. It is a wonderful ‘Ace of Pentacles’ opportunity for me – the shop is a physical seed I can assist and feed, as well as being a place where I can grow my own reputation and ideas.

      With so many other things taking shape (putting together art-therapy and school workshops), it seems that the nearer I get to the end of the silhouette deck, the longer it seems to take. But I am getting there, even if one step at a time.


  5. Wow, the shop looks lovely, such a wonderful space to work in. Only wish I was closer, so I could attend the Tarot Circle – a great idea! Funny you should mention the Classic Tarot, as I looked at it again just a couple of days ago. I can feel my clickety finger twitching ;D And I love the look of those shoes! What a lot of great stuff going on, Steve 🙂


    • It is. It’s in an old Tudor building with beams in a courtyard and is all white inside. Has a lovely feel to it. Yes, it is a shame you are not nearer 😦

      The Classic Tarot is a funny one because when I look at a lot of the pictures, I can’t quite work out why it has become so special. But when I have been laying the cards out, they feel clearer and easier to interpret. I love the RWS but this one is somehow more accessible for me. I can’t put a finger on why it seems to be opening up more. I read with the Crystal Visions before this and everything was so-so. But every large reading for clients or otherwise with the Classic has been recognisably stronger. It’s most probably just a personal thing and others might not experience the deck in the same way, but I am developing a strong bond with it.

      It is good to be busy. I hope my work grows and continues to be exciting.


    • Cheers Hannah 🙂 I decorated them yes. Have more ready to work on and a tattoo-inspired commission.

      I am having a good time, getting into my work and enjoying doing things I am passionate about. I hope all is good with you after your move!


  6. Oh my! I just stumbled upon this post whilst researching up on another deck called “Silhouette Tarot”
    But I am really enamored by your own artwork as well, it’s quite interesting and eye catching, from that lone picture with all the other cards strewn about.
    So can’t wait till you publish it! (if you haven’t already.) You did an amazing job! 😀


    • Thanks so much for your kind words! It is still unpublished, even though I have looked into mainstream publishing. Not sure what the next step will be. But I am glad that you like it!


      • Why not look into a Kickstarter (or whatever else that works like it) ? If you haven’t thought of it already.
        There’s been a lot of people who donate or pre-order to attain a set money “goal” for decks like yours. There’s also been a lot of decks that have been self published because they were able to get backing from people interested in their decks.
        I say give it a try. 🙂 Your deck is pretty interesting and besides another deck that i know of, there hasn’t been another Silhouette Tarot, whilst that deck was a more child-like, fantastical and fairy tale like, yours is more mature in comparison, more western but also has more realistic details in terms of the background colors and in the deck itself.

        You should announce it on Aeclectic Tarot, I’m sure there’ll be a lot of people interested on it as well as on Facebook groups for Tarot related items/topics.
        Also, seeing as from the few cards I’ve seen, your deck is pretty standard RWS, I could see some mainstream publishing houses like US Games or Llewellyn might want to pick it up, if you ever decide to go that route, but in my opinion, self publishing would let you have all creative decisions all to yourself and you can control it as much as you would like.

        Your deck is quite fascinating and really interesting to work with, I’d love to obtain one myself if I could. It’d be amazing to read with it, I bet!

        I wish you all the best and hope you achieve what you would like with it. You did a wonderful job in terms of the artwork! 😀


        • Hi and thanks for commenting 🙂

          I was looking into the whole Kickstarter thing recently, since I read an interview with someone who has gone down that route. There seems to be a lot of responsibility involved with that, which I am not sure I want to go through at this point in time – the packaging, distribution, correspondence etc. I would much prefer to have a deck picked up by a publisher. I did pass the images through a published author to U.S.Games but they said it wasn’t what they are looking for right now. I’m ok with that.

          Thanks so much. The cards were never intended to be any more than illustrations for this site, so it has been really warming to hear such positive responses. I will look into this again at some point – either with this set or another. There are other publishers I may look into contacting too.


      • Okay, I take back what I said. Your deck is AWESOME. I was just looking through your site and found “The Deck” button/link. I went through all your cards and it’s not only western looking but also very modern looking, it’s really epic. I loved how you used a DJ for Temperance, I don’t quite understand how to read that in a working reading but I can understand why you’d choose to go that route for the art, I don’t know much about DJ-ing but I know there’s a lot of techno-babble and being able to do it just right, which is totally Temperance. 😀

        I also loved your 9 of Wands, I thought it was kinda silly looking at first glance, it felt like the guy was “Striking a pose” and it gave me a bit of a chuckle, but then I heard the lyrics of “Make a man out of you” (been on a disney song binge, haha) and then I saw hoe from 5 of Wands to the 9th, it kind of signified the montage during the music sequence in that song and movie and I got it intuitively, if I would read it with a working reading.

        The Chariot… Ahh, now that card is quite intriguing, to be honest, I’m just happy looking at it. It gives off a youthful vibe, movement and the fast pace of youth.

        Seriously, the more and more I talk about your deck, the more I stare at each and every card, I fall more and more in love with it!

        At first glace, it’s seriously standard RWS to a fault, but as you look closer and deeper, you start to notice some little things that gives the cards a new light or added “Spice” and it’s amazing! I especially loved your Majors, but mostly the backgrounds you did, simply stunning, it gives the added “Oomph” and atmosphere to give the reader more detail into the card, even if it’s a Silhouette deck, you’d think it would be hard to read with, seeing as some of us readers rely on the facial expressions on the cards, but not with this deck! The atmosphere, body language and the tone of the cards gives it a lot more character than you’d think!

        Oh gosh, I totally text walled your comment section, my apologies, I just really fangirl-ed like crazy on here, haha! Geez, sorry, I just really love your deck, looking at it right now, wow, just… WOW.


        • Thanks so much for your kind words! 🙂 It means so much to receive praise like this.

          I wanted to give the cards a modern flavour. The idea for Temperance just came to me – the idea of taking two records and mixing them up to invent a whole new tune (like the mashups you get on YouTube between different artists). I see it as finding the ‘right mix’ or combination in life – whether that be between home and work life, two jobs etc. Getting the balance right, like you say.

          When you look at the silhouettes (whether male or female or androgynous), you can kind of follow them through in a suit. They become quite fluid, which is why I chose to work with them. As you say, a lot of readers use facial expressions when reading. When I look at these figures, they mould into the reading and the way in which they are changes. Even though I cannot see the expression on the Queen of Wands face, I can tell if she is smiling warmly or scowling. Having no features enables them to go past specific personality types, race, and sometimes gender. I wanted them to be universal.

          Yes, I wanted the chariot to be youthful and vibrant. It is the guys will which keeps him steady and focused on the future.

          No apologies necessary for your lovely comments. Thanks so much. It is wonderful to hear after spending so much time working on these images. You always hope people will like and understand them, so when they do, it is a reward.


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