Your Cards: October 20th – 26th

Here are your cards for the week of October 20th – 26th.

Wands 02 SAs the week begins, we are greeted by the 2 of WandsThe fiery energy of this card propels us from inspiration to action, suggesting that now is the time to make plans for our not-so-distant future.

The young man in this card steps up and faces the morning sun. Tucked under his arm is a globe, representing his plans; it is his road-map and will get him to where he wishes to be. This card connects you with your future goals. You may be feeling frustrated because you have not achieved what you want to just yet; the 2 of Wands is that first real step on your way to doing so.

How can you manifest inspiration this week? What plans can you make to get the ball rolling?

wheel small 2The Wheel sits within the centre of your week. By Wednesday or Thursday, expect it to turn and administer change.

This card can provide fortune and appear to bring luck, but remember that those plans which you put into action will have the greatest effect on those things you want. When we put our ideas out there and speak our desires aloud, the universe is happy to give us a helping hand and give support. You could call that luck.

Things will turn around for you this week. Expect a boost or change, which will alter your journey for the better. Of course, if things have felt stable and harmonious in your life already, these changes may be a little difficult to adjust to at first. As with every tarot card, its interpretation is a question of perspective. What blessing can you see in the Wheel’s turning? How do you respond to change or what appears to be good fortune?

08 Strength SAs this week draws to a close, you will be required to find strength from deep within.

The man in this illustration crouches down and meets the lion under the moonlight. They look into one another’s eyes; each respecting the other. The lion could tear the man apart in one swipe, but instead, he is mesmerised by his confidence.

The opportunity presented by Strength allows for you to confront a fear and display the same confidence and inner-courage of the man on the cliff. What difficulty or personal demon can you overcome this week? Who can you confront with respect and patience? Which fear can you look straight in the eye, regardless of how scared you are?

This week presents changes which can sometimes be worrying to confront. Remember that all of these adjustments in life are what you have been planning and working towards. Meet them head on and show everyone around you what you are really made of!




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


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