In Focus: 7 of Wands

Wands 07 2 smallcopy copyAt the top of a small slope, a man stands with his wand in-hand. It would appear that he is under attack, as shown by his posture and the other weapons being shaken in his direction.

In a reading, the 7 of Wands will turn up when we are feeling got at or need to assert our self. Quite often, it can represent those times when we must stand up for our self or our beliefs. It is the difference between speaking up and letting others trample over us with their opinions or viewpoints. You might call it a card of standing your ground.

On occasion, this card might speak of an internal fight. When we are lacking confidence or are frightened to move forward, we are often under attack by our own harsh thoughts or heavy-handed criticism.

This card might appear negative, but remember this – the man is ready for his opponents and his position is good. He stands above them, able to bash each away if needs be.

7 Wands Knight SwordsThe 7 of Wands is already a card of defence, but what about when he is joined by a card like the Knight of Swords?

When the Knight of Swords is an ally, we have someone who is determined to fight for the truth: in any way he can.

As a fighting pair, this combination suggests a strong desire to right wrongs and find a way of telling the truth in a story. It could describe a journalist standing up and speaking about something controversial or which others have been scared to talk about. It might concern having your say in an legal situation where victims are advised to be quiet or an environment where freedom of speech is frowned upon.

7 Wands DeathAs an opponent, Death wishes to bring close to a situation or relationship. The 7 of Wands might show up as resistance to an ending when it sits in this duo.

I have seen this pairing turn up when someone is keen to keep a relationship alive but are fighting a battle with something far stronger than them self. Death rarely changes her mind, but this combination can represent strong conviction, a lack of fear, and total belief against the odds. Unfortunately, in readings where a partner has fallen out of love with the client, it might be a reminder that things really are over, however much a person wishes to fight for them.

Death is an opponent who most find hard to give the slip or tackle head-on. However, this combination can be a positive one: it could very well describe the person who has fought a disease or illness and won. Although I would not use these cards to predict a forthcoming health issue or provide false hope, this duo could describe a strong character or someone prepared to move [seemingly-unmovable] mountains if need be.

Ultimately, the 7 of Wands is a card of courage and conviction. In most situations, it will remind you of how advantageous your position is. For many, this is a surprise and presents the boost of confidence they need to step up to a challenge.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


4 thoughts on “In Focus: 7 of Wands

  1. OMG just a normal person! How disappointing is that 😀
    just kidding. Love you photo too and also this post. Never thought of the Seven of Wands as an internal fight of self doubt and criticism.


    • Haha, Ellen. Well, to start with, I guess you need to define normal 😉

      Thanks. I have had internal fights like that before. Similarly, I have wrestled with many different ways of looking at things, such as in the 5 of Wands.


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