Your Cards: October 13th – 19th

Here are your cards for the week of October 13th – 19th.

01 Magician SThis week begins with The MagicianAfter spending some time at the end of last week evaluating, you now realise what a good position you are in to make a difference. The guy in this card has all of the important tools at his disposal and makes the best use of them. He knows that he has both the intention and right skills to manifest his dreams in reality.

How can you make use of your focus, determination and mastery to help change your week for the better? What areas of your life can you affect, as if by magic?

As this week begins, you will feel as though inspiration, ideas and power are rushing through your body like electricity. Find a way of releasing them in your life, rather than holding on to them and wasting their power: this surge will not last forever, so put your focus into something worthwhile and long-lasting. You will be amazed at what you can do!

18 The Moon SThe middle of the week shows ways in which you might tune into your imaginationThe Moon sets the stage for illusions of all kinds.

At best, this card allows you to tap into the darker side of your creativity and create illusions with your artistic abilities, but sometimes, the energies of the moon can lay traps we are not aware of or expecting.

The Moon is the master of illusions, so beware. When under its light, things will appear differently to how they actually are. Of course, this is a time to encourage our gut feelings and emotional-pull, but remember to back this up with fact or some thought during the middle of your week. This card knows just how to pull the wool over our eyes and lead us to believe things which are untrue; it turns shadows into monsters and difficulties may well appear bigger than they actually are. Keep your wits about you on Wednesday and Thursday and try to not fall prey to the illusions created by this tarot trickster.

Pentacles 03 S 2As the week draws to a close, the magic and illusions brought about by the first two cards begins to fade and life returns to normal. However, the first and second cards will leave reward in their wake. The 3 of Pentacles brings about good honest work, accomplishment and team work.

The weekend is a good time for bringing people together. This card reminds us that two (or even three) pairs of hands are better than one.

Do you need some help on a project or might you be able to help someone else? There could be unexpected reward in doing so. This card could become the beginning of something bigger, a good little earner, or simply the nice feelings associated with lending a hand or a job well done.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


2 thoughts on “Your Cards: October 13th – 19th

  1. Steve,
    Great post with three of my favorite cards!
    I’ve said this before, but I just love your deck. Should it reach the printing/publication stage, please keep me posted. I would love to have a copy!


    • Thanks so much, James.

      You know, I never even considered publication to begin with: it was simply a means to an end, to illustrate this blog and not worry about copyright. But as the months have gone by, more people have asked about whether it will become available. I am waiting until it is finished, then I will revisit a few cards and make a few changes before seeing what my options are. Of course, I would very much love to see my illustrations in print and even write a book. I am just unsure of the ins and outs of self-publication (or even approaching publishers), but I will definitely look into it and keep you posted. Fingers crossed!


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