In Focus: 6 of Wands

Wands 06 SThe 6 of Wands shows a man on horseback. In front of him is a crowd. They may look aggressive, shaking their fists passionately in the air, but they are actually welcoming him home.

The 6 of Wands arrives in a reading when we have achieved something worth shouting about. Have you passed your exams, had something published or won a new job? All manner of accomplishments are covered by this card.

The crowd welcoming the victor into the city represent acknowledgement. In a reading, they could suggest notice from a boss or other people becoming interested in you or your work. There is a buzz about this card, since those around you might finally be appreciating your worth. The only danger here is resting on your laurels and basking in the sunshine of appraisal for too long. We need to get moving and find new goals.

6 Wands 3 CupsTo see the 3 of Cups alongside the 6 of Wands would suggest something worth celebrating.

The three women in the second card represent our emotional community. People around you are proud of what you have made of yourself. You might remind a client to not forget these loyal supporters on their way up the ladder!

Since the 3 of Cups also stands for social engagements, this pair could predict an awards ceremony, graduation, or a special occasion (like an 80th birthday party or 50th wedding anniversary).

King Wands 6 WandsThe man in the chair looks in control, but relaxed, doesn’t he? There is a lot of elemental fire in this combination, but he has it covered.

When these cards fall in this order, the  6 of Wands punctuates the King of WandsWe already know that this guy is a successful leader, but in this pair, we see just how inspirational he is to his public. The 6 of Wands can sometimes be attached to fame. Maybe the person who this card describes has a large internet following or has received some kind of notoriety in his life.

6 Wands 6 CupsIs the 6 of Wands always positive? In itself, the card will always be concerned with accomplishment, victory and triumph over adversity. However, when it sits beside a card like the 6 of Cupsthe two small children (who are connected with nostalgia and the past) look back at it, rather than towards it. The 6 of Wands becomes the subject of reminiscence.

When these cards sit together, we look back at more successful times. This is only a problem if we dwell on past achievements but have nothing to aim for in the present. This could describe someone who cannot hit targets as successfully as they once could and who now feels inadequate. It might turn up in a reading for a one-trick-pony who cannot dream up new ideas or an an entertainer whos act has become a little tired and out of date. These are examples of when the 6 of Wands can become an obstacle in a reading.

If we could give this scenario a positive spin, these cards could turn up for someone who looks back on a glowing career or their youth with fondness. As with all cards in the tarot, no card is good or bad. It is only our perspective which can either give it colour or take the colour away.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


4 thoughts on “In Focus: 6 of Wands

  1. About the last two cards. For me this could also mean you’re success is rooted in your childhood. Drive and ambition might have been very important in you upbringing
    When you talk about reminiscing successes, I would be inclined to switch the cards around if that makes sense


    • Yes, I can see that also, Ellen. So many possibilities.

      I can also see what you mean about the switch. You can either see the first card as the main one (the 6 of Cups) with the 6 of Wands punctuating it to you could see them as one who picture, with the children glancing back at the rider.

      Great thoughts, thanks! 🙂


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