Your Cards: October 6th – 12th

Here are your cards for the week of October 6th – October 12th.

Swords 04 SThe first card pulled for this week is the 4 of Swords.

With the 8 of Wands turning up weekly for the last fortnight, things have been hectic. It is often fun to be kept busy but having a lot on can take its toll.

The 4 of Swords is a card of rest and recuperation. This card foretells a period of taking a step back. You may not want to stop, but remember that the 4 of Swords has a habit of getting its way! If we continue to burn the candle at both ends or push our self that bit too far, we might become forced to take a pause through fatigue or temporary illness.

The person in this illustration takes a moments rest. He has slipped off his glasses to relax his eyes. Similarly, a sword is shown laid beside him and three hang on the wall behind the sofa, indicating time away from mental battles and difficulty. The moon represents a cycle.

Take a little time out. It doesn’t need to be forever, but just enough time to restore your energy and ease your mind. Swords concern thoughts, so now would be an excellent time to meditate or lay difficulties and worries aside.

Wands 06 SAfter some mental time-out, we will be ready to grab the reins again by Wednesday and resume our activities.

The 6 of Wands is a bright card, indicating success. Often, taking a step back can give us a clearer perspective on our goal. Clearing your mind at the beginning of the week can be viewed as a strength, rather than a weakness, and this second card promises a successful conclusion to something you have been striving for.

Have you been awaiting results or hoping for some praise regarding efforts. The 6 of Wands brings momentary acknowledgement for accomplishment but remember that this boost will not fulfill you forever.

Pentacles 07 SAs the week closes down, we have the 7 of Pentacles.

This card presents a man in his garden. Before him is a bush which has provided some fruit. He leans on his rake, wondering what he is to do next.

It might seem that the boost of the 6 of Wands has left an impression. Have the blues set in or are you thinking about what you must do next?

The mistake that many people make is to rest on their laurels and not get straight back into the saddle. Success is a great thing to be gifted, but think about it objectively. Do we continue with the same line of attack on our goals and desires or do we change things up and try something new. As the week ends, you may need to think about whether it is worthy to fix something which is not broken or whether you want your next goal to be original and different from your last.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


4 thoughts on “Your Cards: October 6th – 12th

  1. The glasses in the Four of Swords are a nice touch – swords are normally so precise and detail oriented 🙂 And I love the party atmosphere in the Six of Wands. As you know, I’m going to the UK Tarot Conference at the end of the week – fits well with the assessment aspect of the Seven of Pentacles seeing where you are and where you want to go 🙂


    • Cheers, Chloe. And I like your add-on about the glasses 🙂

      I think these cards describe your week well, thinking about how we perceive success and opportunities. I hope all goes well for you there and that it brings about more considerations for you professionally.

      Have managed to draw up three more cards today. Eyes are tired now though!


  2. Those cards are designed so wonderful! (Again)
    Funny–I got the flu and have no choice but to rest-feel like a beached whale. But it was because of a move which had to be done in the rain at the behest of the 8 of Wands last week. Now I can lie about and rest, enjoying my new living quarters which are far better than the old ones–that’s def. the 6 of Wands–and now follow the advice of the 7 of Wands: after a good rest, and a move: unpack and see what happens next 🙂
    When you live in a place that has light, air, is quiet and clean-surely the energy level will eventually set the stage for us to attract better things into our lives.
    So these cards have hit the nail on the head-once more!


    • These cards draws certainly provide food for thought. I always wondered how three cards might mean something for everyone who reads them, but they can offer advice for more than just one situation and person.
      They provide a story and cautions for each of us.

      I’m glad you like the designs. Getting closer to completing the deck of images now 🙂


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