In Focus: 5 of Wands

Wands 05 copysmall 2The fives in the Minor Arcana bring about difficulties. In the 5 of Wandswe are looking at struggle. Five males are shown to be fighting in the moonlight.

But, hang on one moment. Are they fighting? They very well might be, but they could easily be sizing each other up in play or practice. As a reader, it is up to us to decide which side of the coin fits and this is often determined by which cards surround the 5 of Wands.

Due to the negativity associated with the fives in the Minor Arcana, we shouldn’t rule out daily problems. Sometimes, we have a day where nothing seems to go right and every task feels like an uphill struggle. This card can predict obstacles and petty squabbles with others. These guys will try their best to stop you in your tracks, leaving you feeling tired and stressed by the end of the experience.

However, in some readings, the 5 of Wands will alert us to competition and a healthy fight. It will let us know that others are striving for the same goals as we are and suggests we up our game to succeed.

5 Wands JusticeWhen Justice falls after the 5 of Wands, we see a conclusion to difficulty.

Is the resolution of the problem positive or negative? Justice only concerns itself with the truth. If the 5 of Wands speaks of struggle and injury from conflict, this pair informs us that both truth and what is right will eventually prevail. Justice is about balance and restores the problematic energy of the previous card. Those who have fought with honesty and an open-mind will win through when these two cards hit the table together. It is up to a querent to decide how clean their game has been.

5 Wands 5 PentaclesIn my tarot classes, I advise students to look out for patterns. In this duo, we can see two ‘fives’. Since a ‘five’ is troublesome in the Minor Arcana, seeing two can mean double trouble.

In this scenario, the fight has become too much. Maybe something which began as harmless competition has taken its toll on the person being read for. The 5 of Pentacles indicates physical loss. Has this person been involved in a fight which has cost them financially or has a battle affected their health and general wellbeing? As successfully shown by these illustrations, we might see someone outcast through bullying.

5 Wands 6 SwordsWhen the 6 of Swords follows the 5 of Wands, we can see someone who has managed to disentangle them self from problems. This airy card sails away from a group in conflict.

Pretty often, the  6 of Swords represents a mental journey. This combination shows someone who is moving on from struggle to a clearer head-space. The difficulties associated with the 5 of Wands can be identified by the ripples in the water behind the boat, which the man leaves behind.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


7 thoughts on “In Focus: 5 of Wands

  1. I love the guy on the paddle board for the Six of Swords! The regular RWS version appears to suggest someone else will take you to that new way of thinking or new attitude. Yet I think this is a decision we do mostly on our own. 🙂


  2. Sometimes for me the Five of Wands symbolizes my “monkey mind” So many idea’s are fighting for my attention and when the struggle is at is peak I just sit down and nothing anymore; baffled by all the noise 🙂


  3. I love the dynamism of your Five of Wands – that guy in a martial arts-type pose at the front. It works well both with the idea of fighting, and of practising your moves 😀


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