Your Cards: September 29th – October 5th

Here are your cards for the week of September 29th – October 5th.

Shadow Queen of Wands Small 2As this week begins, we are greeted by the Queen of Wands

This queen is strong and sociable. She stands with the sun behind her, representing her warmth, and looks out of the card to us. This lady is strong and used to being busy. You will find her at the hub of a community, buzzing about and taking care of things. Nothing is too much trouble for this queen.

Monday and Tuesday will bring opportunities for organisation, social occasion and situations which you will have little trouble keeping on top of. This will be a good time for overcoming obstacles with confidence. The cat in this card reminds us of the lion in the traditional version of Strength. It reminds us that on a daily basis we are in a good position to confront those things which have been troubling us.

Wands 08 SThis is the third week in a row that the 8 of Wands makes an impression on the weekly read.

Things continue to stay busy and situations hurry along at a speedy pace. You will be busy and with so much going on recently, you may well become tired, overwhelmed or rushed. With the extra boost of confidence at the beginning of the week, you should be able to confront all that is coming your way, but don’t be afraid to pull on the hand brake if things are becoming too much or moving too quickly.

The 8 of Wands can indicate travel. You may well have taken on a few more trips than usual over the last few months and a hectic social life could still have a few appointments up its sleeve. It is highly likely that this week is as busy as those before it. Try not to be pulled along by situations, but be thankful for having things to do and people to see.

11 Justice SAs the week draws to a close, Justice arrives for the weekend.

In pale blues, Justice stands upon a rock with the sea behind him. He holds his sword up to the heavens and a set of scales by his side. The scales represent a decision which needs to be measured fairly and the sword is his truth.

By Saturday, a situation will become resolved fairly. The sword of justice does not measure our reasons or heart in such matters, but only the stone-cold facts. Whatever has happened or has been said will have its consequences – either good or bad – in the resolution of this matter. Similarly, remember that there will always be eventual results for those things you do and say now. Are you making a decision which could have far-reaching consequences? Don’t make rash choices at this time without considering the bigger picture. All seeds planted now will grow unseen to begin with, but will become dealt with by Justice eventually.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014


4 thoughts on “Your Cards: September 29th – October 5th

  1. Spot on as always! Things moving at a vertiginous speed this week as a change of residence that was supposed to be leisurely is turning out to be like the Indianapolis 500 since certain opportunities for help and other people’s schedules suddenly kicked in and must be seized or else! A man morphed into the Queen of Wands and literally is shoving the person moving and all her things into his moving van while yelping and whipping them into a frenzy-and giving this person only one day to pack! But this is only fair since this person needed to move asap….
    Love that take on Justice-that sword sure shines high and bright-looks like Excalibur to me 🙂


    • These cards have been really important for you lately. We must be tuning in, Nathalie. So much busyness. I hope that you are not pulled along with it all and that this excitable change takes you to a good place.

      I love Justice here too. It was my partner’s advice to have him standing high like that. The shift of perspective really made a difference to over all image.


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