In Focus: 2 of Wands

Wands 02 SThe 2 of Wands has recently become one of my favourite cards in the tarot deck. When you’ve read cards for years, there are some you mightn’t see for prolonged periods of time. And then, when changes begin to take place in our life, certain tarot-keys start popping up here, there and everywhere. This happened for me with the 2 of Wands, as I started to lay plans and manifest ideas in my career.

After the initial spark (as symbolised by the Ace of Wands), this card begins to lay foundations. This is the card of planning and taking a first step towards our goals.

This guy is slightly different to the Waite version, in that he carries the globe underneath his arm, rather than holding it out like a scrying ball.  He looks into the distance, working out how he will reach where he wants to be. He takes the initial flame from the baton in the Ace of Wands and lights a fire. The globe under his arm is his map for the future. Notice how determined his posture is. He means business.

2 Wands Ace CupsWhen the 2 of Wands sits with the Ace of Cupswe are looking at plans which relate to the emotional realm. The goal which needs to reached concerns love.

Of course, we could see this as someone opening them self up emotionally and to the prospect of a new relationship. What sits on the horizon could be the beginnings of an emotionally based partnership. Does this person wish to share his or her life with another person or will travel or plans involve a connection to family or something which he carries close to his heart? Whichever way we look at it, this combination suggests plans which have a strong emotional connection. In a reading, we must help find ways for someone to get from the cliffs-edge of the 2 of Wands to the beautiful dove in the second card.

10 Wands 2 WandsWhen the 2 of Wands shifts position and sits in front of the 10 of Pentacleswe can see how plans originate from some kind of stable foundation. Could this be a teenager making plans to fly the nest? If he has been gifted with a secure upbringing and physical support, then it is possible.

Alternatively, the 10 of Pentacles could refer to some kind of inheritance or windfall. When these cards sit together, we could very well be looking at plans being made, due to money which was previously unavailable. Maybe it concerns the selling of a family home or estate.

2 Wands 7 WandsThe final combination shows two Wand cards. Fire is the dominant and only element here.

This is a less favourable pairing than the other two already discussed. This man looks out into the burning sun on the horizon, taking his first step forward on his road map. However, with the 7 of Wands following the 2 of Wands, his growth is stunted by the figure who bashes away his plans. When these two cards pair up in this sequence, we are looking at possibilities which are not working out or plans which will not be received well at the present time. You might call it flogging a dead horse.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

All illustrations by Steven Bright


4 thoughts on “In Focus: 2 of Wands

  1. Again, great pictures for the cards!
    You know, when I saw the 2 of Wands next the 7 of Wands I immediately thought-“Stick to your guns, don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of your projects and dreams!” I would love to see what the 3rd card might have been….


    • Nice interpretation there! This is a good example of your intuition working with the card images. And for a sitter, this could be extremely useful encouragement. I guess that a third card might have helped us advise which way a person could proceed. Do they continue to bash away at their goal or do they step back, evaluate, and try again from a different angle?


  2. This makes me think of the Scottish Referendum. Let’s hope they vote “No” — we are still waiting for full results, will have to wait until the morning.


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