Your Cards – September 15th – 21st

Here are your cards for the week of September 15th – 21st.

Swords 12 SThe first card out-of-the-trap this week is the Knight of Swords.

This week will begin with a blast. The Knight of Swords is a strong-minded member of the court and leaps into Monday with vibrance and inspired thought. If he is a person, then he’ll make us sit up and pay attention. He encourages movement in thought-processes and can predict dramatic change. But beware, his ideas and thoughts are not usually guarded, so his words may hurt the more sensitive among us.

The beginning of this week brings about a wind of change, as the Knight of Swords charges into Monday. He blows away the cobwebs, knocking anyone who wishes to stand still out-of-the-way.

Not all of us bend so well with big changes or challenging opinion. Knowing that change is inevitable is just one way of preparing our self for what may well arrive this week. How can you welcome change into your life? Can you think of a way in which it can be accepted as being positive, rather than negative? If the Knight of Swords has a few home-truths up his sleeve for you, can you see them as a blessing, however much it is natural for you to take what he says personally?

Swords 06 2nd small copyThings become a little easier by the middle of the week and settle.

In the 6 of Swordsa man takes a boat ride across the river. He makes his way out of the choppy current and into stiller water. Things are likely to become hectic again as you reach the weekend, so take this time to avoid stress or the more challenging people in your life. You may wish to step out of daily life where possible and digest any of the rockier episodes from the beginning of this week. A day out or trip involving water is hinted at.

Due to the changes brought about on Monday or Tuesday, use the strength of your mind to rationalise what is going on and don’t let your emotions take over the show. During the middle of this week, use a little time out if you can.

Wands 08 SAs the weekend approaches, things begin to pick up again, so it is important that you do not waste the opportunity for a little mental-rest beforehand. When the 8 of Wands turns up, situations start to gather momentum. As with the bull-at-a-gate Knight of Swords from the beginning of the week, this card is all about movement and change.

Expect a busy weekend, where you may feel as though you are being pulled along with all that is happening. This is one of those times where you either surrender to the forces of this fiery energy or get dragged along by it. Movement can be fun and in some situations, this card will predict things aligning in your life, with everything speeding up as you move closer towards your goals.

Have you been waiting on something to arrive or for that last piece of the universe’s jigsaw puzzle to become assembled? The 8 of Wands helps push things along. Go with the flow and enjoy it, knowing there will be time for you to rest afterwards.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

All illustrations by Steven Bright


3 thoughts on “Your Cards – September 15th – 21st

  1. Uncanny lol things are moving so fast for me this week I need to hold on tight–but to what? and am dealing with a Knight of Swords type person who has deadlines–but it’s not negative, indeed, it’s quite positive–but the stress! Oh the stress!! a speedy conclusion will be more than welcome 🙂 I really had to trot quickly to meet that deadline-it was all fire and speed of the 8 of wands there for a while-whew! and theres even a move into another abode and neighborhood involved-that 6 of Swords appeared in my scrying bowl a few days ago in the guise of a small lovely minoan boat gliding away with a cloaked figure inside isn’t that amazing?
    but yes, everything is exactly as laid out=you wizard you!
    Your 8 of Wands–I can almost hear the drums in the background!


    • Sounds like you have a lot on there, Nathalie. And these cards mirror that well. Don’t forget to take that bit of time-out.

      It’s great when the same card shows up in different places. There is obviously important message in the 6 of Swords for you right now. I hope that the move goes well. The results look promising!


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