In Focus: Ace of Wands

SHADOW Wands01 FINALsmall 2Like all of the four aces, the Ace of Wands is a tarot-seed. Because Wands are connected to the element of fire, this Ace presents an opportunity or new beginning which is associated with enthusiasm, passion, excitement, and the urge to get moving. Being gifted by a single arm, think of this wand as being akin to a relay baton; you are being passed the spirit of fire. What will you do with it?

The Ace of Wands is the initial spark of the Wands suit. You could liken it to a lit match, which is tossed into a bale of hay. It is the flame which can begin a fire within all of us.

In a reading, this card could turn up to suggest a new project or a course we are excited to start. It could represent the desire to do something or the urges which surface within us when we find someone attractive.

Magician Ace WandsWhen The Magician sits before the Ace of Wands in a pair, we are alerted to just one of his many skills. With his arms out, The Magician controls the four elements – water (the Cup), fire (the Wand), earth (the Pentacle) and air (the Sword).

The Ace of Wands could be advising us to choose something we are passionate about. These two cards might have turned up for someone who is trying to make a decision about a course of study. Do they choose a career path they ‘think’ is right for them or do they opt for a subject which strongly ‘excites’ them? The Ace of Wands would suggest the latter. The card might alert them to a skill or quality which is at their disposal, whether they are aware of it or not.

2 Cups Ace WandsWhen the 2 of Cups sits alongside the Ace of Wands, we are looking at a relationship. The fiery nature of the second card provides a clue about the couple in question.

It might be that the relationship described is a passionate and exciting one. Since the 2 of Cups often relates to a new relationship, the second card might suggest a physical attraction. The element of fire whips and boils up the element of water, revealing excitement and masculine, sexual energy.

Should this combination come up for someone regarding a prospective partner, they might understand the sexual undertones of the pair. Many people enjoy brief and consensual sexual relationships and it is not for a reader to make judgement about that. However, if a client is looking solely for love, it could be very important for them to know if a potential romantic-interest is looking for no more than a one-night-stand or simply a physical encounter. These two cards could reveal this and save much heartache. The tarot empowers a client. Someone who pulls these two cards can make a decision with greater clarity and personal power.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

All illustrations by Steven Bright


12 thoughts on “In Focus: Ace of Wands

  1. What a brilliant take on the Ace of Wands. What will you do with it indeed? And as much as a lit match can set a whole bale of hay on fire, it can as easily be blown out in a heartbeat by a passing breeze or put out just as quick by any other of the 4 elements…there is still a certain fragility there, that’s why the next card of the suit, the 2 of wands is so interesting, it’s like the first step is taken toward the Ace’s goal and inspiration but even then, with 2 matches lit, it’s not set in stone yet…The Fire element for all it’s power and heat always needs more fire to keep itself going.


    • Thanks Nathalie.

      Absolutely. All of the tarot-seeds (aces) are vulnerable and require nurturing. But they have potential for greatness within them. The Ace of Wands could well set the world on fire. It could easily be blown out too, as you say. It’s up to us a lot of the time.

      The cards in a suit build on one another. I like what you say about the ‘two’. This is where that spark is put into something and manifested in the world (what will we do with it?). I like what you say about fire needing more fire to keep itself going.


  2. “the initial spark” That’s why I like the Ace of Bows from the WIldwood Tarot so much.
    # relationship. Romance without the Ace of wands could become very boring. Maybe when you find “The One” all the aces com in play 😀


    • Yup, I agree. A combination would be a great thing. In my personal draws, I have drawn the Ace of Wands, Ace of Swords and Ace of Cups this last week. I can see how these aces concerns new beginnings. It could just take a little longer for these seeds to bring about financial reward (Ace of Pentacles).


  3. I like the way you’ve put the little shiny bit around the hand on the wand – it’s only when we seize the spark that something magical can happen! 🙂


    • Yes, we make our own magic. And for any of these things to happen, we need to make that move. We all have so much magic within us and the potential to do great things, but many never make that move, for whatever reason.


    • Hi Laurelle

      Yes, I did. I hoped people wouldn’t find them too cluttered but to have some depth at the same time, so glad you feel that also. Thanks for your kind words and dropping by!


  4. I understand what your saying about the ace of wands being the initial fire seed and next to 2 cups how this may mean a passionate start to relationship (that may not last unless supported by other cards) but what does it mean if the 2 cup is reversed? We have the initial fire and energy but it faced with misunderstandings or mistrust? Does this mean that it’s a stormy start? Or that it’s a missed opportunity? I can’t seem to find a meaning that sits comfortably as the two are almost opposites. Fire and passion verses broken relationship, unrequited love/friendship etc How would you see these cards? (They came out in 4 card spread. Other 2 were 4 wands upright and 3 pentacles reversed – thanks


    • Hi Elaine. When I think about that scenario, it might be that the injection of passion or a new beginning which is not reciprocated – like a one-way attraction. It might mean that it is a sexual or passionate connection, not based around love.


  5. Thank you for your reply, I believe the latter interpretation may apply slightly more than the first, as this would make more sense. An ex keeps contact now & again, and the connection was a powerful one that is no longer based on love. I will keep in mind both interpretations though as this is really helpful. Thank you


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