In Focus: King of Cups

SHADOW Cups14 FINAL SmallThe King of Cups is the most mature member of the Cups court. This has nothing to do with gender. If the court cards within each suit represent a process, then he represents the mastering of our emotions. All kings masters their element. Any of us can grow to become a king.

This king holds his cup casually. He is a sophisticated man, who stands by a river with a city behind him. His emotions are depicted by the cup. He isn’t absorbed by them. He is in complete control of them. He can tune into his feelings responsibly, if and when he needs to. This enables him to empathise with others, without being consumed by their problems or worries.

This king’s understanding of emotions can open doors for him professionally. As a king, he can use them as a vehicle for his career. He would make a good counsellor, mediator, or emotional advisor. As a tarot reader, he has turned up to describe my career opportunities in many of my own personal readings. I am also a water sign. The Cups suit covers Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.

king cups loversWhen the King of Cups appears with The Loverswe are looking at someone who is deeply committed and loving. When this combination turns up in a reading, we are looking at someone who can be trusted and is emotionally secure. Are you wondering if a partner or prospective love-interest could make it through the bad times in a relationship? This pair would say they can.

The traditional meaning for The Lovers is choice. These two cards [when dealt together] may be suggesting a big decision in the area of love and relationships. Because of the nature of this king, they could be suggesting that we act maturely and control our heart when deciding what to do.

king cups 7 swordsGenerally, the King of Cups is viewed favourably. However, when paired with a card like the 7 of Swordshis ability to manipulate is balanced with his ability to care and share.

When these two cards arrive together, we are looking at someone who is emotionally manipulative or deceptive. This scenario turns up when someone is using their position of care irresponsibly or even for bad intent. Alternatively, it could foresee someone who controls a partner emotionally or is deceitful within a relationship.

king cups 6 wandsAs already mentioned, this king has the ability to use his emotional experience and empathy as a platform for spiritual or emotional work. He could be a relationship-advisor, a spiritual-medium or some kind of care-manager. When he is joined by the 6 of Wandswe see someone who has gained some kind of notoriety or fame, due to his work or links to emotional maturity.

This tarot combination might suggest a famous guide or respected guru. This is a man who has worked his way up in life, and quite probably, his career. He is known for the work he has performed on an emotional level and might even be a television psychic or talk-show host, known for his work within relationships and family disputes.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

All illustrations by Steven Bright


7 thoughts on “In Focus: King of Cups

    • Thanks so much, Jason. I am trying to build my profile as best as I can. I am on Twitter and Instagram too. I have been about online (under different names) for a long time but only since last year have I begun to push myself and my business. I think these things are slow growing but I am pleased with the good response I have had for both my writing and tarot illustrations. I enjoy what I do, so it is great buzz!


  1. Indeed, you certainly have the ball in play. I’ve yet to avail of linkedin but it works for those who know how to work it. My friend recently purchased a seminar on how to use this medium – he is a professional translator – 20 minutes into the video and boredom set in, the narrator spoke in a traditional sales person tone, but that is not to say that it’s a waste of time. Another seminar on using social media sites – that was by far much more interesting – emphasized on branding one’s product. You appear to have that well underway. Google plus is predicted to be very big in the future so it’s a good idea to methodically and decisively plan out the content that you wish to share on that. Would it be safe to say that you have yet to establish a youtube channel, for nothing shows when your name is put into the ‘browse channel search engine.’ Based on your photos, you know the power of light and shadow, so the same principle applies in making a video. It has been recommended to me to actually video shoot one of my Tarot sessions. This advisor doesn’t think much of the Tarot but he believes that my personal delivery and presentation possesses value. In other words, you may reach more hearts if you were to shine through motion picture. Anywho Steven, I don’t want to inundate you with information. It may be best to skype instead; this will help me to gauge how you are receiving my communication and make necessary corrections so that were on the same page or level of understanding. As you are aware, in light of the Tree of Life, we become that which we give.


    • At the moment, I have enough time on my hands to be consistent on the blog, Instagram, and Twitter. Surprising to some, it does take time, since I do all of the graphics and illustrations myself before simply posting. I also do the same for a shop I work at on Facebook, though I don’t have an account myself there. I’m putting it all out there. I really appreciate when people get in touch.

      You know, I do have a YouTube account, but it is not something I haven’t paid much attention to as yet (and I keep forgetting my login). I did record some videos before but I am not so confident in front of the camera. But I can see how it has been a great stepping stone for many readers and tarot tutors so, with many other things on the back burner, I will get to it eventually. My mother has been very ill lately, so all of my work was put on hold for a bit.

      I agree, regarding video. I think that it helps for people to see you, how you communicate etc. Having no link to who you are, how you work and what your personality is like can put potential clients off.

      Thanks so much for tour thoughts Jason. It’s great to have a different perspective on how I am doing things.


      • I hear you Steve; marketing is only a part of it, not something that we need to engage in particular… may your mother have a speedy recovery… Do get a hold of me when you feel ready to explore various ways to achieve win/win goals with one another… Take care


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