In Focus: Queen of Cups

SHADOW Cups13 FINAL Small copyThe Queen of Cups stands amidst the moonlight. In this image, it absorbs her, with the water lapping at the rocks below it.

All Queens are related to the element of water, due to their rank. All Cups cards are related to water as well. This makes the Queen of Cups ‘water of water’. Since Water is connected to our emotional life and the unconscious, we meet with a woman who is highly empathetic, psychic, and emotionally led. She is ruled by her heart.

In a reading, the Queen of Cups could well describe a lover, since she naturally finds herself within emotional relationships. Therefore, she could symbolise the partner or wife of the person who is being read for. Alternatively, her caring and compassionate traits might suggest a friend – someone who readily listens to your problems and who tries their best to give advise from their heart.

This Queen would not be described as practical. Even though a good listener, she is so absorbed by her feelings that she often neglects logic or common sense. This can lead to her being viewed as being away with the fairies or, at worst, over-emotional.

Queen  5 CupsSince so much water already runs through this card, adding another card from the suit of Cups heightens her emotions in a tarot-pair.

When the sad-looking 5 of Cups sits next to this Queen, the cards describe someone who could very-well be suffering emotionally. This is the person who has taken a relationship break-up or some kind of disappointment very badly. Of course, Cups-cards do not always describe romantic relationships. This combination could be speaking about someone who doesn’t trust their inner-feelings or a person who takes things extremely personally in day-to-day life.

9 Pents Q CupsWhen the Queen of Cups is paired with the 9 of Pentaclesher watery side is grounded in the material plane.

The 9 of Pentacles is a card of independence and single-handed accomplishment. When paired with a court card, we can see a businessperson or someone who has worked their way up, despite the odds.

Because the queen is from the suit of Cups, this combination describes someone who uses their emotions or psychic abilities to make money or a career. It could suggest a counsellor, a medium, or anyone who is paid for being emotionally supportive or for using their psychic skills.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

All illustrations by Steven Bright


9 thoughts on “In Focus: Queen of Cups

  1. I always find it interesting the way different people describe the Queen and King of Cups. Some see the Queen as being more likely to be a counsellor – she feels emotions deeply, but can also keep a lid on them/contain them (based on the RWS version). Others see the King that way – intuitive but with enough detachment not to get caught up in the wave of feelings being thrown his way. For me, it often depends on the particular card image, and the context of the reading…


    • Yes, it is. I had not thought about it before, but my Queen of Cups has a similarity to the one in the Morgan Greer (one for a future comparison-post by JJ).

      I see the King of Cups as more of a counsellor for all of the reasons you describe. But here, when accompanied with that 9 of Pentacles, she makes use of her compassionate and intuitive skills in business. On her own, I’d say she doesn’t have the same emotional detachment as the King of Cups. He always turns up in questions about my career. I see him as me when I wear my ‘tarot reader’ hat.

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  2. I like it how you describe the influence of the accompanying suit. So can for instance a swords card telling you about how she judges and decides with her heart of maybe her heart prevents her from deciding. Anyhow lots of possibilities
    Great post Steve and beautiful card!


    • Yes, how the suits work together and against is interesting. As she is from the Suit of Cups, I think that her ‘feeling’ always defines the ‘thinking’ cards. In these pairs, it depends which order the card falls.

      Thanks for your lovely words. It is great that people enjoy my illustrations.


  3. That’s a very clever way of reading a pairing-not only the actual card but the elements paired up also provide a platform for interpretation. The Queen of Cups next to an earth card sure changes things for better or worse in quite a determined manner. Reading is a formidable choreography at times!


  4. What’s interesting about your 5 of Cups is that the man looks almost as if he is ready to get up again, as if he were poised on the brink of shaking it all off after he is done brooding…very evocative card. The two cups that weren’t spilled over do mean looking at the bright side, and getting over one’s regrets after all. 🙂
    Really the RWS system does have so many layers, more perhaps than the Thoth, somehow..


    • Thanks Nathalie. I really appreciate your views and interpretation here. The guy has that opportunity – to give up or get up – the energy is poised and ready when this card comes up. It’s all about free-will.


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