Your Cards – September 1st – 7th

Here are your cards for the week of September 1st – 7th.

Shadow Page of Wands Final SmallTo begin your week, we have the Page of Wands.

This young man is ready for action. He is youthfully passionate and eager to throw himself into something new. As the week begins, you may feel a little restless. Look for new opportunities, where you can make use of your enthusiasm and creative freedom. This young man could represent the beginning of an adventure if you’re up for it!

Expect a flurry of excitement and energy around you at the beginning of this week. It could be that you are surrounded by youthful or creative people, who wish for you to experience the vitality of life alongside them. There will be opportunities to unleash raw energy and your wild side, so embrace them naturally.

Swords 10 SThe 10 of Swords may well look gruesome, but remember that the imagery within this card is only symbolic of the difficult times we all experience. A man lays face down on a cliffs edge with ten swords in his back. You might think that this is a fight he has no chance of getting up and walking away from, but you would be wrong. Behind him, the sun is rising and brings a new day.

If you have been going through a problematic period, then it will likely come to an end this week. Could it describe the closure of a difficult relationship or the end of mental-stress or dispute? Absolutely. Whatever it concerns in your week, understand that the finishing of relationships, a job, or a phase is not often easy, but can be extremely necessary in some cases. As we reach Thursday, be aware that many of our truest teachings can be found within the more uncomfortable places in life. Without the darkness of night, we could  never appreciate the brightness and warmth of a new day.

Wands 06 SAs the week draws to a close, the rising sun is symbolised by the 6 of Wands.

A man returns to his city, greeted by a group of supportive individuals. They raise their hands in appreciation and celebrate his arrival.

If you have been working hard, is it now time for you to be rewarded? Have you won a new job, passed an exam, or are likely to be praised for something you have done? This is a card of success and recognition. It could suggest a pat on the back for a job well done or the acknowledgement and support of a community behind you. Because this card is sometimes associated with fame, the 6 of Wands could see you appreciated on a larger scale than you are used to. Stay grounded and don’t let it go to your head.

This weeks cards present a rollercoaster of events, as life stops and starts, speeds up, and closes down. It is important to remember that in every closing event, there is always something to be learned. With each ending, a new beginning can be glimpsed on the horizon, waiting to begin.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

All illustrations by Steven Bright


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