In Focus: Knight of Cups

Shadow Knight of Cups Final2 SmallWhen I became interested in tarot seventeen years ago, this Knight became a firm-favourite and I still seek him out when I buy new decks. In my own illustration, I wanted to convey his dreaminess and emotional warmth. This young man is as focused on his emotions as he is with his cup. Nothing else matters quite as much to him.

All Knights relate to movement and drive, so it makes sense to assign their rank to the element of Fire. Since the suit of Cups relates to Water, this knight becomes Water of Fire.

We could easily see the Knight of Cups turn up as a lover in our readings, since he wears his heart on his sleeve without excuse; and it is a heart which he follows faithfully. Due to the sensitivity associated with water, he is very in-tune with his feelings; at worst, he might become moody or irrational. This guy has a beautiful vision of both love and life. Unfortunately, it is not always realistic.

Just as all of the Pages are connected to messages, the Knights are associated with movement. If this knight does not represent a person in your reading, then he may suggest travel – possibly over water or of an emotional nature (a romantic weekend or perhaps a stag-do).

Knight Cups 10 WandsWhen the Knight of Cups is accompanied by the 10 of Wandswe are looking at a person who carries the world on their shoulders. In this situation, the cards suggest someone who may be finding it difficult to cope emotionally. Might they be suffering from some kind of depression? It is quite likely.

The Knight of Cups often concerns himself with little more than how he feels. If this combination does not describe the burden of emotion, it could be describing a person who has become so fixated on his emotional relationships or romantic pursuits that the remainder of his life has become ignored. Maybe the paperwork is piling up or his physical world is crumbling because he has become obsessed with either a new relationship or one which has recently ended.

knight cups magicianWhen the Knight of Cups is joined by The Magicianwe are looking at some kind of smooth operator. This guy has every trick up his sleeve and knows how to woo prospective partners with ease. Don’t be fooled by his big blue eyes and boyish blonde fringe. When this combination arises, the gentle Knight of Cups can become a wolf-in-sheeps-clothing and give the Knight of Wands a real run for his money.

The Knight of Wands is the bad-boy of tarot. Most people deduce this pretty quickly when they meet him, since he doesn’t hide it well. Prospective partners know that [at worst] he is a player and can not be tamed. However, people are very easily seduced by the warmth and sweet smile of his cousin, the Knight of Cups. When he is combined with The Magician, you are likely to be emotionally-fleeced without even knowing it. This tarot-couple can suggest a master-manipulator, far more dangerous than the lad on the motorcycle your parents warned you about. In actual fact, he is likely to be the rogue-in-disguise who they naively stamped with their seal of approval.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


5 thoughts on “In Focus: Knight of Cups

  1. Years ago, due to an Internet person I knew who took it as his personal card, I found myself noticing the trickster aspect of The Magician more often, and I still do. For all the power, he specializes in manipulation, it bears remembering at all times. I like the way that came up with this pairing. Poor Sir Galahad had the misfortune to ride into the lair of the Magus and it could destroy his life.


    • Thanks for the add on there. Interesting to see The Magician in play. As connected to the Knight of Cups, he could successfully play games with the heart, as well as creating an illusion of being the perfect partner. Like you say, it’s worth remembering, since he’s very good at what he does. People are often fooled by someone like this for longer than they should be.


  2. MUCH, much longer than they should be. There is idealism and perhaps naiveté with this Knight, he often needs to pay better attention to others and get his head out of the grail quest, and thinking that everyone is holy.


  3. Wow, this description of Knight (combos) particularly knight of cups with Magician is spot on!! Mine is a Pisces with Venus in Aries: water/fire. I always comment on his big blue eyes & yes he is blond too. Your description is almost word for word what I’ve experienced. He is older (12 years) however always is a knight – sometimes even the knight of wands with the Chariot – he always picked me up in his lasted sports car. I’m usually the Queen of cups or Empress (I’m a Pisces with Libra rising) Tarot is almost as accurate as astrology. Thanks for posting this.


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