In Focus: Page of Cups

Shadow Page of Cups Final SmallThe Page of Cups is the youngest member of the Cup court.

Even though the source for this drawing was a young man, I purposely made the Page androgynous. When I look at this card, depending on the situation, he could be male or female. For the sake of consistency in this post, I will refer to the silhouette as male.

This young man stands within the rockwork of the beach. He is most-likely smiling and being playful, holding his cup close. As a youth, he is sensitive and emotionally-based. Traditionally, the fish which jumps from his cup is a symbol of his psychic abilities. It brings him messages from the unconscious.

I relate all Pages to the element of Earth, since they are the youngest in the court and represent seeds (much like the Aces). Since Cups refer to water, I would label this guy as Water of Earth. 

When he does not describe a person, he can bring news of happy occasions such as births, engagements, or anything of an emotional nature.

The Page of Cups reminds us to be emotionally-open.

Page Cups 6 CupsWhen accompanied by the 6 of Cupsthe Page could represent a youth from our past. In readings, this could be an old school friend (or maybe a reunion if the 3 of Cups is present too). For some, this duo might stir up memories of a first love.

The Page of Cups shows a young man, but he can often refer to a mature person with a youthful zest for life. When he sits with the 6 of Cups, his youthful side is exaggerated and could suggest immaturity. As a pair, the cards could represent someone who is naive or emotionally childish in a specific situation.

Page Cups 9 WandsWhen partnered with the 9 of Wandswe see someone who is unable to open up freely. The Page of Cups is usually easily aroused, emotionally, but in this scenario, he has become guarded and protects himself. You might see those wands in the second card as the emotions he wishes to guard from harm.

This is not an unusual pairing, since many people are twice-shy after being bitten or betrayed in a relationship. The guy in the 9 of Wands is often referred to as the wounded soldier. In this situation, it is highly likely that he has been hurt before, which is preventing him from moving forward and being open to potential partners.

Page Cups DevilBecause of the sensitive nature of this court card, other cards can manipulate it quite easily. Take The Devil as an example.

When The Devil sits beside the Page of Cups, his addictive characteristics are heightened, so this combination could naturally represent somebody who has become obsessive within a relationship. Since The Devil will represent excess in a reading, we could be looking at a situation where someone has become overtly tied to another and can think of nothing else. In it’s worst-case-scenaio, this combination might represent delusion or stalking. However, it is not that difficult for people to become easily obsessed. Think of the humble fan or of a teenage crush that gets out of hand.

The Page of Cups is generally an emotionally-open and kind hearted fellow, but watch out for who he decides to link hands with in your readings. There are many colourful combinations available, but due to his age and sensitivity, his mood can be manipulated and darkened at the flip of a card.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


4 thoughts on “In Focus: Page of Cups

  1. Even if these cards didnt have titles the pictures speak volumes through the sensitivity and zen-like nature of the images. What wonderful cards. Oh to have them in one’s hand during a reading! 🙂


    • Thanks Nathalie. I was thinking pretty much the same today. I really need to keep designing more, since I am halfway through now. I am looking forward to ‘physically’ using them eventually. I am so pleased that you like them. I have had some really positive responses to them, which is great.


  2. P.S and again it’s so important to pay attention to pairings and three’s. They tell a story. Beautifully done Page of Cups.


    • Absolutely. You can get so much from ‘twos’ and ‘threes’.

      I like him too. The Page of Cups has always been a favourite of mine, in most decks (especially the Universal Waite).


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