Your Cards: August 25th – 31st

Here are your cards for the week of August 25th – 31st.

Cups 10 S 2This is a  nice card to begin the week with.

The 10 of Cups is a card of emotional satisfaction and fulfilment. It is  as good as it gets when it comes to romantic love and feelings of emotional security and wellbeing.

This mature couple stop in a field and look into the distance. Is the sun coming up or going down? It doesn’t really matter. They are together, walking their dogs and witnessing this moment. Love and romance is not only for the young.

The start of this week promises warmth and fulfilment. Over here in the UK we have a bank holiday, so it might suggest a little extra time spent with family or the ones we love. If you are dating, the card could suggest the realisation of stronger feelings in an existing relationship or a new emotional commitment. Whatever this card represents for you, know that emotional stability and a connection with others will play a part in the beginning of your week.

14 Temperance new SAs we move into the middle of the week, we are greeted with the energy and challenges of Temperance.

It is the job of the DJ in this card to find the perfect mix. This is why the card is separated into two halves. He takes a little bit of this and mixes it with a little bit of that, in order to make something new.

Temperance could stand for a handful of things this week. It could represent compromise and the acceptance of other people’s views. Similarly, it might be suggesting that the solution to a problem is to work as a team and build on the ideas of a group. This would mean sacrificing the ego and allowing others to add their own melodies to the overall tune.

Temperance practices moderation. This is somewhere between indulgence and abstinence. If you have been eating or drinking too much, partying too hard or working late a lot recently, this card advises that you moderate your lifestyle. Balance is key.

Cups 07 2 SAs the weekend draws to a close, decisions become available. The man in the 7 of Cups looks up at the cloud above him. Is it real or is it simply an illusion?

The 7 of Cups brings about choices; lots of them. This could be a time to brainstorm and map out all of the options available to you. Which avenue appears most favourable? Are there any choices which you can dispose of?

Fantasising and considering possibilities can be fun but be aware that you can not stay in this phase for too long. Eventually, you will need to choose.

Have you been musing over a decision for what has seemed an age? Are other people becoming frustrated by your lack of commitment to a specific course of action or finding you too dreamy? Maybe you are spreading yourself too thinly, with regards to projects or relationships. As this week finishes, decide on one specific route and stick to it. Fantasy is an important part of life – we all need them – but there must become a time where we choose one dream over the others and focus on manifesting it.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


4 thoughts on “Your Cards: August 25th – 31st

  1. “Where it’s at, I’ve got two turntables and a microphone…” Beck jumps in with kudos for your fresh eye on Temperance.

    Living in the clouds most days, I like your words about eventually needing to choose. That’s key, isn’t it?


    • In some situations, yes. I have had many years of fantasising and daydreaming and I think I am only starting to make a lot of real choices now. Doing so is providing a lot of satisfaction, in a way which dreaming couldn’t.


  2. So much water and mixing! What a cohesive spread you have for this week. It makes sense to me.
    That Ten of Cups really resonates with me. I love the dogs at play. All is well and at peace there.

    This deck of shadows and silhouettes says a lot. Have you seen the Silhouettes Tarot? It is like the shadow sister of the Joie de Vivre.

    Wishing you a lovely week!


    • Thanks Monica Laura. I enjoyed making that 10 of Cups. It really speaks to me, regarding contentment and being satisfied with what we have.

      I hadn’t seen that deck before now, no. It looks lovely; like those paper-cuts you see. Very beautiful, even if maybe a little busy for my personal reading tastes. One of the reasons I created this deck was to simplify everything so that each card is a building block which can slot with the next easily. Sometimes, there is so much going on in cards that you cannot see the wood for the trees.

      Wishing you a lovely week also! Speak soon!


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