In Focus: 7 of Cups

Cups 07 2 SSeven cups appear amongst a mystical-looking cloud. Are they really there or are they just an illusion? The man in the 7 of Cups looks towards them. For him, they represent choices; they may or may not be possible, since they are simply dreams at this stage.

You could say that this young man has his head-in-that-cloud, as he allows fantasy to take him out of reality. This is often the card of the dreamer, taken away in the mist of this emotional and watery element.

When this card arrives in a reading, it could describe someone who isn’t grounded and needs to make a choice in the real world. Maybe their expectations are unrealistic or they are potentially overwhelmed by the amount of avenues open to them. In an instance like this, a reader might advise a querent to make just one choice from the many available, for they cannot move forward until they do.

7Cups AcePentsWhen an Ace appears alongside this card, an option is available for you to take. If the Ace of Pentacles appears as its partner, a job you have dreamed off could be up for the taking. If the Ace of Cups sits beside it, maybe it is a new emotional beginning or relationship which is on offer

Do you accept what is handed to you? Well, that it is up to you, but be aware that should you spend too much time mulling it over or weighing it up against other potential options, it could evaporate and disappear as quickly as the watery mist in which it revealed itself. Are you dithering? Maybe it is time to choose. The Ace could provide a clue about which option to take, suggested by its element.

7cups devilDue to its connection to illusion, the 7 of Cups could well refer to addictions (and those things which take us away from reality) when it is joined by The Devil.

With all of those hazy cups in the cloud,  potential drinking-problems could become an issue when this combination turns up in a reading. These cards could be speaking of someone’s need to escape from the world through alcohol, drugs, or anything which has an easy and seductive pull.

knightcups 7 cupsThere is a lot of water in this final combination.

The Knight of Cups is the lover of the tarot deck. He is the one who is in constant pursuit of true love (whatever or whoever that might be). He looks into his cup and breathes in the aroma of both emotion and romance.

In this combination, there are many options available to him. These cards could suggest someone who cannot decide who [out of many] is the girl of his dreams. The cards could depict a someone who cannot be depended on, due to his inability to make real decisions or be entirely committed.

This twosome could also represent someone who’s ideal match is entirely unrealistic. Is he looking for the kind of person who does not exist outside of his imagination or the pages of a magazine?





© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


5 thoughts on “In Focus: 7 of Cups

  1. I don’t when it happened but somehow along the way my dreams have become smaller. I can remember I dreamed about travelling all over the world and also I wanted to change society for the better. Now I can dream about having the house a day for myself.or about a cup of coffee after doing the groceries on a rainy day:)


    • That is kind of nice. It’s maturity, maybe? We work out what is important as we go along, I guess. Simple ideals like yours are beautiful. For some, those everyday things are dreams, unfortunately. I often forget that my food, family, bed and roof over my head are the greatest gifts.


  2. I drew the 7 of Cups in 3 way spread and it landed in my future but the devil was in my present and the Ace of Cups in my past, and that kind of confused me, not sure what that means


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