In Focus: 6 of Cups

Cups 06 STwo children walk along a moonlit path. The scene is quiet and still. They look over their shoulders, noticing the line of cups which they have left behind.

The trail of cups represents the past. The 6 of Cups can symbolise our time gone by or might concern nostalgia, so this card often turns up to describe things which have previously happened or people who are no longer in someone’s life.

Because the card contains children, it might concern a clients childhood, but on some occasions, the card will represent their own kids or suggest the playful and youthful aspect of them self (even if they are grown up). There is a pure and beautiful innocence to this card when it is viewed by itself. Some readers connect it to friendship, as shown by the interaction between the boy and girl.

6Cups PriestessWhen the 6 of Cups sits next to The High Priestesswe could be looking at someone who has a secret past. The High Priestess is a woman of mystery and hidden-depths. The veil behind her acts as a curtain, blocking our view and preventing us from seeing the full picture.

When people come for a reading, they do not always tell a reader the whole story. It is only when the cards are looked into and more questions are asked that details are revealed. A combination like this will arise when someone is withholding information about their past, which could be useful in the present. These cards may uncover a well-kept secret or a chequered background.

2 Cups 6 CupsWhen the 2 of Cups sits next to the 6 of Cups, we could be looking at a few different scenarios. This will often depend on the question. This combination could speak of a relationship from the depths of time. Has an old love-affair resurfaced? In some situations, an ex-partner may have returned or a plutonic friend becomes a blast-from-the-past.

Due to the nature of the 6 of Cups, these cards could present a warning. Are we being naive within a relationship? Is someone taking advantage of our childlike and vulnerable nature? Alternatively, this combination might concern our attachment to a previous relationship. Many people find it very difficult to move on. A twosome like this came up in a professional reading not so long ago. Knowing that my client was getting married and planning on having a child with her fiance, I was a little confused. She went on to tell me that even though she loved her fiance and present life very much, she still found it very difficult to come to terms with the loss of a previous lover. He had been an extremely large part of her life and the effects of their relationship was something she was trying very hard to leave behind.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


8 thoughts on “In Focus: 6 of Cups

  1. That is the sweetest Six of Cups card! 🙂 I’ve had the Six of Cups and HP combo come up when I read for a woman who had a very abusive childhood. She kept wondering why she kept choosing specific men (who frankly were quite awful). It seemed these two cards held the key for her release.


    • I am so glad you like it! It is easily one of my favourites created so far. It has soul to it,

      Interesting story there. Maybe it was her passivity? Or related to her own childhood or viewpoint of relationships in the past? It is interesting how the 6 of Cups and the High Priestess both concern deep-rooted issues. Sometimes, seeds are planted so long ago and are hidden so deep that they take a lot of work to uncover.


  2. These cards are so lovely. I am quite taken with this deck 🙂
    Combinations like these really require a dose of intelligence to interpret. I quite enjoy it when they occur during a reading, it’s almost like gym for the brain, but more in the trapeze department if you know what I mean.


    • Thanks Nathalie. It is a huge compliment that people are enjoying this deck. It started as simple illustrations to accompany this blog. Now, I wonder if it is something I will try to get printed/published in some way one day.

      I think that combinations are a great way of making the tarot come alive. Gym for the brain is a good way of describing this. They bounce off of one another and get a person really thinking. ‘That’ is when the intuition really awakens.


  3. Funny about the 6 of Cups–I was just speaking to someone about the sadness that summer can sometimes bring. Growth winds down for the season, Persephone is getting ready to leave, the geese fly south. This card is a bit like that, almost like the children are leaving summer holidays and the lake and trees to go back to school. A reminder that nostalgia isn’t necessarily about the far past, but can be about recent months as well.


  4. What if it appears next to the 3 of wands in a relationship reading? Ive had that pop up for a guy I have a crush on – who happens to be a dear friend. I want more – not so sure the desire is mutual.


    • I’d say there is definitely a chance that it could develop but it will take time. The good and bad side of this is that you know each other so well – so well that you are great soul mates, but so well that adjustment will not happen overnight. But I would say that the 3 of Wands is a pretty positive card for this, if you can wait it out and make those adjustments slowly.


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