Your Cards: August 11th – 17th

Here are your cards for the week of August 11th – 17th.

Shadow hermit small 2The third card from last week has become the first card for this week – The Hermit.

This card suggests that your need for time alone and contemplation is not yet over. Sometimes, we must step out of the world for a while. Since The Hermit has followed us into this week, time alone is still essential for your general development.

Not everybody can get away from the world so easily. Many of us have jobs and commitments and can’t always afford to take a break at the drop of a hat. However, this card speaks of many ways in which we can unplug from society and everyday stresses. Could it be that you need to step back from social-media for a bit or would a problem with a relationship be helped by a little space? Whatever is on your mind at the beginning of this week, find a quiet place to consider your options, away from the noise of other people’s opinions and chatter. Take a short walk, unplug the telephone, or take some time away from the hustle and bustle of online communities like Facebook. Time alone is a medicine you will benefit from on Monday and Tuesday.

ace of pentacles small 2As we move into the middle of the week, an opportunity becomes available. The Ace of Pentacles is there to be taken. It is a physical seed, waiting to be planted and nurtured.

Many see this card as a gift or handout. On some occasions it is, but it is also the opportunity for you to make your own money or find your own path.

Wednesday and Thursday present an opportunity in the shape of either assistance, investment, or simply a helping hand. How can you nurture what you are given and encourage it to grow? After clearing your mind at the beginning of the week, you may be in a better place to make decisions and begin afresh.

Shadow Knight of Cups Final2 SmallAs the week comes to an end, an invitation is presented by the Knight of Cups.

This card could represent a sensitive young man, who will play an important part of this week. Alternatively, he might symbolise a romantic offer or an invitation to do something you love. Trips over water or regarding loved ones and relationships must not be ruled out.

Is this man a partner or new admirer? If so, then he sees you as a part of his future. If not concerning romantic love, then this man shares a mutual passion. He is dreamy and arty, so could represent a new professional partner within a project or someone who will help you on an emotional, creative, or spiritual journey. After time-out at the beginning of the week, now is the time to get moving again, with his help.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright



4 thoughts on “Your Cards: August 11th – 17th

  1. An interesting set of cards for the week. I’m hoping that Knight of Cups indicates I’ll have some time to follow my own passions come the end of the week, maybe do something arty 🙂


    • I hope so too, Chloe. I think they definitely get people moving in a creative way, maybe through a new way of looking at the world or a shift of perspective. Maybe someone will step in and help you with that – an artistic collaboration?


  2. Hey, it’s out personal card! I love this Hermit card, it really highlights the distance one tries to place between the world when withdrawn. It’s not that you are elevating yourself or pretending you are higher than others, it’s that the higher up the mountain you go the harder it is for people to get to you, the greater the distance, the harder the climb, the harder the distance is to span. Great interpretation.


    • Yes, it sure is. This is actually one of my favourite Hermits, ever-so-slightly inspired by the Kaos version.

      I also really love your thoughts about this and how being up there makes it harder for people to get to you.


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