In Focus: 3 of Cups

Cups 03 sma 2The 3 of Cups shows three dancing women. With the moon high in the night sky and the city in shadows behind them, they dance into the night, each holding a cup.

Each woman is different. Each has her own dance. But they have come together for the same reason – to celebrate and enjoy their collective energy. They are friends, maybe even family.

The 3 of Cups often concerns our emotional community. It represents our friends, social groups, and extended family members. This card might arise to acknowledge celebratory functions or occasions, like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or even the reward of passing your exams.

On its own, the 3 of Cups appears pretty harmless. As cards go, you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking it is one of the most positive; however, there are times when it can become tainted by other cards.

3cups devilWith The Devil in tow, we are looking at a social situation which is unbalanced and most probably out of hand. These girls are big-time party-goers and it is seriously hindering other parts of their life. Maybe their nights out are spilling into their working week, preventing them from focusing and being effective in the daytime. If this card turns up in a reading, it could very well describe someone who is burning the candle at both ends or whose social life is endangering or affecting other areas of their life.

3 cups loversWhen a card like The Lovers sits with the 3 of Cups, it is extremely likely that the cards describe a romantic celebration, such as a wedding, engagement, or anniversary. This combination heralds the celebrating of a relationship and can often signify people coming together to party or enjoy time with a couple. The second card adds context to the first. An invitation to a wedding or anniversary could very well be in the post, since this twosome wish to reach out and share their love for one another with their friends and family.

queen of wands 3 of cupsThe 3 of Cups can flesh-out the court cards too. Think about the Queen of Wands for a moment. With her independent black cat beside her, this woman is a strong force within the tarot deck. When accompanied by the 3 of Cups, we see someone who is very involved in her community. She is extremely warm and radiant (when in a good mood), so you’ll often see her buzzing between people and projects. This lady is often the glue between groups of individuals, organising get-togethers, itineraries, and making calls. You’ll see her at lunches, community-based meetings, on the school PTA, and at the local bar with the girls. Due to the celebratory aspect of the 3 of Cups, she could also be a wedding-planner or party-orgainsor by trade.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


6 thoughts on “In Focus: 3 of Cups

    • Yes, I can see that.

      I have not always been fond of the Queen of Wands. Mainly due to experiencing her negative attributes from people in the past. However, I remember what Christiana Gaudet said – that all courts, in their ‘upright’ position, are decent people. However, when accompanying cards like this, your interpretation is a good one. Silhouettes enable you to see them positively and negatively, since there is no features or expressions to hinder the combinations.


  1. “(when in a good mood)” Ahhhh so true! I do not have your experiences with Oddbod but I remember her every time this card comes up.

    It’s the weekend–you get to breathe. Nice to see you pop out from among a circle of screaming kids. I bet you’re being very, very quiet for a couple of days. 😉


    • This queen (as you know) can be warm and friendly and is the kind of woman to offer you a bowl of sugar when you move in. If you need a number, she’s there to help (since she has a full telephone book of contacts). It’s what she does. She organises street-parties and looks after everyone’s kids in her garden.

      But when the kids in the garden are too noisy and you complain, she tenses up like her cat. That social-buzz-buzz-buzz turns vengeful, as she visits each house like a bee visits flowers. She backstabs, pulls her community close to her and create dramas, which you are at the centre of.

      The last two weeks have been good, but yes, it is nice to have some peace and quiet 🙂


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