Your Cards: August 4th – 10th

Here are your cards for the week of August 4th – 10th.

blog queenWe start this week with our last card from the previous week’s reading, the Queen of Pentacles

As a nurturer, this court card suggests continued care – either of yourself, someone else, your business, or your finances. It’s reappearance could suggest a far greater need for support than first imagined.

Are you caring for another? Are you tending to their physical needs and looking after them while they are unwell, unhappy, or unable? This is not an overnight job and your practical nature is much appreciated, so keep it up. If you stop now, your input will be greatly missed, whether by your kids, your friend, or your work colleagues.

Do you feel as though it is you who needs a little more tender loving care? If you can not help yourself – with a good diet, the proper amount of sleep, or even a little treat – then seek out someone you can rely on to help you out if you are feeling overstretched. Who can you depend on? Who will provide some assistance at the beginning of this week while you still need it?

Ace of Swords small 2In the middle of the week, we have the Ace of Swords.

The sword cuts through the clouds. It could very well represent a thought or new idea. It is clear and decisive and helps you to see things in a completely new way.

Expect a moment of enlightenment, clarity, or inspiration. Something will cease to confuse you and solutions will become available. If you have been unable to make a decision or you have been in the dark about something, you will be in a position of better understanding by Thursday. With this new information or by way of a realisation, you can expect to move forward in ways you’d previously not thought possible.

New ideas, information and support will enable you to look after yourself and stand on your own two feet by the weekend. They will also provide you with much reflection.

Shadow hermit small 2The Hermit takes himself off to the highest peak, away from everyone else. He sits by himself and evaluates where he is at. It is his time of self-reflection and self-understanding.

We do not need to travel into the wilderness to find time alone. Plug yourself into some relaxing music and close your eyes or turn off the telephone for an hour or two. For the weekend, take some time to look over the week which has passed and think about what you have learnt. Did its trials teach you anything about yourself? Has the enlightenment from the Ace of Swords provided a new way of looking at things or presented new options? Where might you go from here?

Take some time to be at one with yourself as the week draws to a close. Everyone needs to drop out of their daily life and routine from time to time, whether for necessity or luxury. Find a little time to enjoy the silence.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


2 thoughts on “Your Cards: August 4th – 10th

    • That’s great to hear, Sharyn.

      I hope that there is worthy advise in these readings for everyone, however small or large, so it’s really good to know that this makes some sense for you.


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