Your Cards: July 28th – August 3rd

Here are your cards for the week of July 28th – August 3rd.

Shadow devil smallThe deep crimson landscape of The Devil stretches out in front of you for the beginning of this week. Under the light of the moon, he crouches over a baby.

You might notice that this Devil wears shorts and trainers. This is because he is not really unlike us. He’s not the external force we have grown up to fear. In fact, he is an aspect of both you and me. He is the part of all individuals which sometimes gets out of hand and needs to be controlled.

You will also notice that the child in my version of the card reaches out and does not pull back in fear. She makes contact with the figure above her. He has not kidnapped her or forced her to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

Like the baby, we are all naturally seduced by the charms of The Devil. Monday and Tuesday might find you overindulging or out of balance. Have you spent over your budget, drank too much on a night out, eaten more than you should have, or become obsessed with a person or thing? It happens and we all need to touch base from time to time and reboot.

What are you reaching out to which you know is harmful in it’s excess? What area of your life requires a little moderation? Could something you are doing be deemed unhealthy for either your body or mind?

Wands 10 copy small 2As your week continues, you may become tired, stressed, or feel overwhelmed. This could be a result of an over-sociable weekend or from working too hard.

The 10 of Wands suggests that you take a break where possible. It’s highly likely that you have taken on too many responsibilities of late and they are now beginning to take their toll.

Find a way of relinquishing those things which either no longer need to be carried, which can be saved until a later date, or which can be delegated to someone else. This card could also recommend unloading anything which is on your mind and is preventing you from moving forward. Carrying guilt or worry can be as troublesome and unhealthy as carrying ten large wands on your back.

blog queenAs we move into the weekend, we are joined by the Queen of Pentacles.

This queen is one of the tarot’s carers. Whether she is caring for the lush-green nature around her, a person, or even herself, her focus is on nurturing and providing physical support.

After a strained week, you may need a little care and attention yourself. Allow the Queen of Pentacles in your life to step in and lend a hand. She might represent your mother or wife, a friend, or even a masseur. As a natural care-giver, it is her job to help.

Find time to rest during your weekend. Treat your body to healthy food and relaxation.

If you cope well with the stresses of this week, then the Queen of Pentacles might suggest you keep an eye on your finances. She is a good accountant and asks you to get on top of your accounts before they get on top of you.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


2 thoughts on “Your Cards: July 28th – August 3rd

  1. What a fantastic version of the Devil! I too often reach out to that side when I’m weighed down by all those obligations of the Ten of Wands. I can easily convince myself that I “deserve” to cut loose. But the grounded nature of the Queen can rein me in. I can just hear her now, “So you think this is going to help your stress? Really?” 😀


    • Aww, thanks BS. It kind of developed as I was making it. And I like it too. It’s a slightly different take, but it is how I see the card.

      Great commentary there! I can really see the scenario you speak of in the cards. It is so easy to convince our self that we need certain things to make us feel better, knowing full well that we don’t really or that this need for them might get out of hand in the long run.


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