Your Cards: July 21st – 27th

Here are your cards for the week of July 21th – 27th.

This weeks cards are about finding and using power.

Wands 03 small 2Look at that guy in the 3 of WandsWith the sun going down, he looks out into the horizon. In the distance, three boats sail towards him. They have been away for a while and after some waiting, they return from their voyage.

Have you put some recognisable effort into something? Maybe a project or a relationship? Have you previously invested money or entered some kind of contest? Expect to see the returns of your hard work and intent. The boats represent these gifts.

The start of your week will bear fruits; not large ones, but enough for you to remain inspired and dedicated to a cause and be proud of your initial accomplishments. There is more hard work or investment needed, but for now, know that you are on the right track.

Swords 06 2nd small copyTimes have been difficult, but with the 6 of Swords moving into the middle of your week, you will be relieved to know that things are looking up.

Have you been involved in arguments, felt confused, or found yourself amongst a whirlwind of obstacles? This card propels you into calmer waters by Thursday. Your thinking will become clearer and you’ll be able to deal with emotional disturbances that bit easier. Remember to use your mind above your heart, not allowing others to take advantage of your kind and generous nature.

An important journey might factor in the middle of your week. This could be a physical one, but with these three cards in play, do not rule out a shift in perspective or a new sense of understanding by Friday. It is highly likely that you will feel inspired to move forward in ways which you had not previously thought you could.

Shadow Magician small 2The Magician stands at the end of your week. You might look at this image and think ‘he doesn’t look like a magician’. Well, you have a point. Dressed in what looks like a shirt and trousers and nothing particularly magical, he still manages to create a pretty spectacular show. We are all capable of creating magic. We just don’t know it. Any good spell simply begins with intent.

By the weekend, you will feel your own power manifesting. You have already received the initial fruits of something you have put energy and hard work into and are now seeing things more clearly. Use this new viewpoint to make changes and shape your immediate future.

What do you now feel you can now do which you couldn’t before? What can you see clearer, now that you have moved out of a confusing and debilitating situation? You have tools which you did not have access to before (maybe a clear mind, inspiration, a little cash, or an emotional investment). What do you plan to do with them? Where will you place your intention?




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


4 thoughts on “Your Cards: July 21st – 27th

  1. I pulled the Three of Wands today from the Hudes. I wasn’t getting the commerce aspect, but the idea of continuing effort into something (The Towers Journal title page) seems apt. I think all 3 of these cards might apply this week. 😉


    • I just popped over and saw your 3 of Wands post. And the patches. Beautiful Hudes card for our ‘Nostalgic Plummet into Tarot Past’ expedition.

      I can really see how these three cards could work for you here. Especially after what we discussed over at your blog about looking at things with a clearer mind and then gaining power from doing so (especially not responding to disappointments and difficulties emotionally). The guy in the 3 of Wands uses the power of his mind to be rational. Your circumstances add some real juice to these three cards. Maybe it is all about being in control of our mind, rather than letting our mind control us.


        • Absolutely, about mundane tasks.

          It is so easy to let the mind go-a-fluttering. Mine often wakes me up with worries and problems which need to be solved (and sometimes those which don’t). I think we all have weeks where we feel more in control; I think these cards describe such a week.


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