Court Couples #3

Shadow Knight of Pentacles Finalsmall 2The Knight of Pentacles is one of my favourite members of the court. He is a hard-worker, is dependable, and will roll up his sleeves to help you, without question.

You’d think this knight would have the pick of the ladies, wouldn’t you? But in reality, he is often the last in line when it comes to getting a date. Yeah, he’ll turn up at your house on time and he won’t let you down at the last minute, but maybe it is his predictability which leads to his lack of success with the girls (or boys). There is no mystique with the Knight of Pentacles. What you see is what you get.

This knight is traditionally accompanied by his horse – a large working horse next to a ploughed field. In my version (illustrated here), he stands next to his lawn-mower. This is his work-horse, which he uses to make a buck. He is the strong gardener, out working in the sun; the door-to-door salesman, who is on his feet all day; or the Olympic diver, putting himself through the paces of his gruelling training routine. He has a goal he works towards and has no problem with putting in the effort to reach it.

knightPentsQueenCupsSo, what happens when the Knight of Pentacles meets the Queen of Cups?

It’s safe to say that our dreamy Queen has already noticed him. Maybe he’s been mowing her lawn or chopping down the overhanging trees in her garden. She watches him from her conservatory, noticing his physical strength and determination. They are worlds-apart. For her, he becomes a figure for fantasy.

A relationship between these two is possible, but their differences are great and noticeable. He is the boyfriend who commandeers the DIY and will work every hour God sends to keep her happy and feeling secure. She is his princess; he’ll never completely understand her, but he is that bit more mesmerised by her with every new day. She is dreamy and enigmatic and her feminine scent is as alluring to him as his masculine aroma is to her. This is one of those situations where opposites attract. Her understanding is like magic to him, where as she wishes she had his patience and practical approach to problems.

I’ve seen many couples like this. I have heard people say ‘I wouldn’t put them together’ and ‘How does he put up with her?’. As much as he will do what he can to please this lady, the Knight of Pentacles is never going to be the Knight of Wands or the King of Cups. Being dynamic and impulsive is just not in his resume. In some relationships, the Queen will become bored with the brawn and need a stronger emotional connection. She might need the charm, wit and intelligence of a more airy mate or a tumble in the hay with the a more fiery suitor. The Knight of Pentacles is as predictable as the Knight of Wands is unpredictable. He might wish to change aspects of himself to keep his partner happy, but unfortunately, it’s just not in his make-up.

knqupentsBoth the Queen of Pentacles and the knight hold the symbol of their suit for all to see. They have something in common and she understands him in a way that the Queen of Cups never can. She has some of his practicality, entrepreneurial spirit, and enjoyment of the physical world in her own DNA. They seem to show each other their pentacle with pride when the illustrations sit together in a reading. Both are comfortable outside in the earth, as shown by the green landscape behind each. This is an example of  like attracting like. These cards may depict two people who have a lot in common when they fall into a reading together. Here’s a few possibilities of how they could work together:

  • Due to living within the realm of Pentacles, this partnership could exist at work. This could suggest a good working-relationship or a romance which began in the work-place. Due to their ranking, could the Queen be the Knight’s boss or superior?
  • This couple may share a love of the outdoors. They might be keen-gardeners, walkers, sportspeople, or connected to an earth-based spiritual practice or religion.
  • They could represent a couple who live and work together. As a twosome, they might have serious wealth and an interest in the finer things; working for their money and enjoying to spend it. Maybe they run a profitable guest house or a business where their combined roles has brought about success. This Queen would make a seriously good hostess, but equally, she’s good at keeping an eye on the business accounts.

When this couple are ill-dignified, we might be looking at two workaholics, who have become burned out or who could be spending so much time in their own offices that they barely get to see one another. They could represent a couple who indulge so deeply in the material world, that they have tragically lost sight of the true value of their relationship.

It is important to also remember that the Queen outranks the Knight. Is there a power-struggle between these two people? Is she controlling him through her position or rank? Maybe she is the higher-earner in their household; could it be that she is able to pull in a salary which he can not, how ever hard he works? This could lead to feelings of inadequacy in our hard-working Knight of Pentacles.




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


8 thoughts on “Court Couples #3

  1. This couple (K.P + Q C) resembles my parents My dad had a credo: When she is happy I am happy” She was his princess he was her rock.
    Often I see the Knight of Pentacles as the prototype of “The best Friend” and I am sure he will detest it sometimes


    • It’s nice to hear of how these figures play out in life. I’d say my parents are the King of Swords and Queen of Pentacles individually, but they play out different court characters in different scenarios.

      As a friend, I can see how this Knight would put the effort in to the relationship – maybe doing all of the donkey-work and getting in touch, which might sometimes be taken advantage of.


  2. The Knight of Pentacles is cemented into my mind as the fellow from the Thoth deck–Old Stodgy as I call him.

    The Stodger with the Queen of Cups is interesting. I think he would be too literal minded for the dreaming Queen and her steamy cup of coffee!


    • Oh, yes. Old Stodgy. And I think of him in my Fragments deck, emptying the bins. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

      I agree with you about that couple. I think that due to her fantasies and not living in the real world, she could place some unreal expectations on him – expectations which he could not live up to, therefore breeding disappointment. For him, I think he just can’t bring her down to where he is at, which will eventually create problems and distance between them.


  3. The pentacle/cup combination is so much like my husband and I, but I am the pentacles one (make concrete plans, pay attention to details, work hard, get the job finished – before its due if possible) and he’s the cups one (spontaneous, led by emotions/relationships, not too worried about time constraints). Yet it works for us because we help balance each other out (of course a sense of humor about our differences helps too!).


    • It’s interesting to hear people liken these combinations to their real-life relationships. It shows how they can make sense away from the table and what can be learned from the cards.

      In the past, I would have definitely related to that combination in my own relationships, but as time goes on, I can see how it is actually two halves of myself – ‘the dreamer, which inspires the worker’ and ‘the worker which satisfies the dreamer’.


  4. Interesting what you say about the Queen pulling rank, that’s a possibility I never thought of. I guess because maturity and power don’t always go hand-in-hand. For instance, tree surgeons make a lot compared to a soccer mom, which could also be jobs for the Knight and Queen of Pents… 🙂


    • I love that example (I will remember that).

      There is so many real-life scenarios where these cards can make sense and I actually find courts in readings a fun thing now, rather than a chore.


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