Your cards: July 14th – 20th

Here are your cards for the week of July 14th – 20th.

Shadow Page ofSwords Final Small 2Expect messages to arrive at the beginning of this week. The information you receive may be difficult to assimilate, possibly due to it’s source; correspondence might well be brash and not thought-out properly, making it tough for you to digest. Gossip, bogus emails, and problematic snail-mail might play a part of your week as it opens.

The Page of Swords is a seeker of the truth and one of the tarot’s four messengers. However, he is also one of the youngest members of the court, so sometimes, his delivery of the news might be a little on the clumsy side. On other occasions, he may simply have interpreted the facts incorrectly. If you suspect that something you have heard might not be correct or has even been brought about to deceive you, then go in search of the truth in a situation yourself. Do not rely on others. A little homework might well pay off on Monday or Tuesday. Not everything you hear may be gift-wrapped with good intention, so don’t take anything you are told for granted.

Shadow Knight of Wands Final Small 2Things start to move quickly as the days progress and you may even wonder where the middle of your week has gone. Expect a flurry of activity, since you might very well end up surrounded by individuals who share your own passion and drive for an interest or pastime.

The Knight of Wands brings about movement, day-trips, passion, and excitement. However, this tarot-character is not the most committed, so don’t expect much more than simple thrills from those around you and be wary about committing to anything which you know you’ll not be able to fulfill. If you have the opportunity for a fun day out or the company of someone dynamic and exciting, accept it with open-arms, as long as you realise that these kind of pleasures are fleeting and you’ll probably return to the real world with a thump by Monday.

New Death small copySomething will close down by the end of the weekend. Things naturally end and this is not always a bad thing.

What needs to be put to bed this week and shouldn’t be held off for another day, regardless of how much you are resisting doing so? Has a relationship in your life passed its sell-by-date?

With every ending there is a new beginning in store. Clearing out worn relationships and clutter is not the easiest thing to do and many of us put it off. However, the Lady of Death will be poking you with her bony finger throughout Saturday and Sunday; with an encouraging smile, she reminds you that if you wish to welcome the new into your life, you must be prepared to wave goodbye to the old.

Do these cards resonate with you? Might they help you with a problem you’ve been mulling over and have not known how to fix? Yes? Why not share your experience by leaving a comment below?




© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


8 thoughts on “Your cards: July 14th – 20th

    • Hi Ellen

      Yes, it is. I thought it was a good way to keep the site personal and individual (as well as free from any copyright issues regarding overuse of the RWS), so I thought I would illustrate the posts myself as I went along. It has been a fun challenge to begin with and I hope the deck will grow to the full 78 cards. Whether anything else is done with it, I don’t know, but I have had some interest from people who have looked at it and liked it. It is simple, but I think that is why some may enjoy the images – especially as a reading or learning deck. I have already got a lot from these cards and plan on printing them out as a physical deck for myself when they are complete.

      I like a female Death too. She is not to be feared, but appreciated, since she simply has her job to do. I haven’t seen many female Death cards. The only ones which spring to mind are in The Rohrig and the Wheel of the Year Tarot.


    • You’re very welcome, Sharyn. I wanted to keep my small group of tarot-friends in the loop.

      Thanks. It is taking a bit of time to do each illustration (despite being simple), but I am enjoying making it!


  1. Ha, too fast for my own good, I’ve changed my blog roll to reflect the new you!

    There was or is a thread at AT, one of many over the years, about if a class that costs 250.00 would be worth it to a beginner. On down Mary G. said she’d taken many classes over the years from many of the late and great..and that she always learned something. Well duh 😉 but being adept at tarot and taking big classes (she was already reading and teaching) is not the same thing as some gentle guidance in a beginners class.

    Just my two cents because I know your classes are and will be the bee’s knees.


    • I want my classes to be practical and friendly and encouraging. Guidance is a good word, Sharyn, since I prefer to see myself as a ‘guide’ rather than a dictator, helping people to find their own way into tarot. I have had good feedback from my classes, so I need to get them out there once a few other projects are completed.

      Thanks for your kind words, they are much appreciated 🙂


  2. I love the way you vary background colour in the cards PLN. Since the figures are all black silhouettes, and have such a homogenous style, it really lends to a subtle yet refreshing touch, and separates one card from the next.
    When I first saw the female figure in the Death card, what did jump out at me were her womanly curves. Here’s my favourite bit of an pagan poem from antiquity dedicated to Mother Earth-
    “The gift of life and taking it back, for all of us, is your doing.”
    Death viewed as female might have that passive, earthy, patient quality.
    And by the way, that draw was quite a propos, yet again. It’s not such an exciting story but–.
    The Page of Swords here brings a message of enthusiasm, and an all too quick decision to buy based on a misunderstanding with an online seller regarding this wonderful Bday gift I purchased for my niece before I saw that the time frame was all wrong so I had to pay double in a spurt of splurging and temper to ensure she would get it on time, first thing in the morning via email. A decision which I made in a very firey manner, as Knight of Wands, and to hell with the cost!. Death now whispers that because of this, for the rest of week all other plans for purchasing other coveted items are dead, terminated and extinct….
    P.S. the gift is a psychic reading done via musical scrying. The reader tunes in to the querant’s energies and randomly picks 3 songs related to the question which should have enough key words or lyrics to answer the question. It can sometimes come through with startling accuracey and is so much fun!


    • The colours are quite sombre, but I like the feel it gives. I like the snippet from the poem. I never thought of Death as being an aspect of Mother Earth, but I guess she is. What a wonderful thought. Maybe she is like Demeter in the Winter.

      You know, your gift idea reminds me of something I used to do many years before I picked up a tarot deck. I used to scramble my CD player and tell myself that the title of the next song would be important for whatever reason. I was divining back then and didn’t even know it. I hope your niece enjoys her gift!


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