Your cards: July 7th – 13th

Here are your cards for the week of July 7th – 13th.

SHADOW Cups13 FINAL Small copyFor the beginning of this week, you will be connected with your emotions. You might become a shoulder to cry on for someone else or another person will provide emotional support for you. The Queen of Cups could represent a sensitive friend for you to unload difficulties onto, since a problem shared is a problem halved, but she might also represent the compassionate side of yourself.

Find time to consider how you feel in difficult situations. This is not a time to think. If something is bothering you or getting you down, speak up, and speak from your heart. Telling somebody how you feel will do you the power of good and could stop them from doing something which is upsetting you.

2nd SHADOW Pentacles 10 Finalsmall copyThe middle of your week will concern stability and the family. Those who love you will provide support during testing times and will become your backbone just when you need it.

If times have been bad financially, expect things to get significantly better with the 10 of Pentacles in play. Maybe someone will write off a debt or another will give you a helping hand. Your family might be at the heart of this when the chips are down. They will step in and assist you if you feel as though you cannot help yourself. Now is a time for gratitude.

Shadow Lovers2 Final Small copyA decision will become a big part of your weekend. You will be in a position where a choice is needed to be made.

The decision you need to make may very well include another person, or at the very least, something which is close to your heart. The Lovers concerns relationships of all kinds and could suggest a union which you intend moving up to a new level. Are you considering making someone in your life a more permanent fixture or is an important deal about to be signed and sealed? Remember to not become complacent around partnerships this weekend, since any decision made which involves others will have a long-term consequence, be that good or bad.



© Steven Bright Tiferet Tarot 2014

Illustrations by Steven Bright


10 thoughts on “Your cards: July 7th – 13th

  1. The new site has a Zen-like simplicity and beauty – lovely!
    “This is not a time to think.” This is such wonderful advice for me, because thinking is my default setting, not talking about my feelings. 🙂


  2. Thanks Bodhiseed (the first to comment here!)

    I do like a make-over! I wanted a cleaner edge this time around.

    I’m glad that the Queen of Cups encourages you to react to your usual tried-and-tested responses. This is a great way of using the court cards. I have learned to accept and understand my own earthy-Pentacle side in recent years (even though I have always been a very watery-Cup kind of person). It brings about greater balance within me.

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  3. Ah, I wanted to be first!!!! 😦 LOL
    Looking at the cards was like reviewing the week I just had: So much emotion had to be contained, it was still acknowledged with an inner nod (Queen of Cups)..I had to draw on my past history of experience with trouble–quite a rich one!–to remember that there is always a solution and I can get through this with a bit of self control and wisdom. Definitely a choice needed to be made, (Lovers) but here, interestingly enough, it was made for me, by others. This whole thing didn’t happen in my personal life, it happened at work. I proved my worth there, which made a big difference in the outcome, so one might see that too as a 10 of pents thing.
    It never ceases to amaze: the many many layers of meaning one can glean from these cards.
    When reading for another, one would really be able to combine not only knowledge of meanings of the cards, but intuition as well! Whew!
    Love this new blog Steve.
    Those illustrations are wonderful.

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    • I’m glad you found your way here, Nathalie!

      I have read about how the old man in the 10 of Pentacles (RWS) could be seen as Odysseus in disguise, only recognised by the dog (mentioned in Rachel Pollack’s 78 Degrees of Wisdom). I think of this when you mention that you proved your worth already at work. The 10 of Pentacles, of course, is about stability and physical strength.

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you like the illustrations. I was worrying over copyright and a friend suggested that I make my own images for the site; so I drew these up this morning. As well as being fun to do, I think they make the blog unique and give it a fresh feel. Hopefully, their simplicity will be good for both new readers and the more seasoned taroists.


  4. They might grow into a tarot deck which you will then print out (hint hint) . With only 3 cards one can see that they would make for crystal clear readings. I can’t wait to see the Moon 🙂 The images are so clean, the meaning comes through real sharp yet they leave plenty of room for intuition to come through. You might want to look into copywriting these babies…
    This style is one of the reasons I am quite taken with the Serpentfire tarot. Did you ever see that one?
    Your images remind me of those beautiful silhouette pictures the Victorians used to play with so much, except that these have a great modern twist to them.


    • Well, they very well might 😉 In making these images, my primary concern has been to convey the tarot meanings (in their simplicity) for the blog, so I think they could be effective for teaching and learning. Personally, I prefer less cluttered images when I read, so they would be perfect for me. We talked about this on the course. Some of the students liked the Tarot Illuminati, but for me, when too many cards are laid out from a deck like that, I cannot see the wood for the trees. I like to be able to get a quick overview, which the more simple decks allow. I’ve always liked Titania’s Star Tarot (which also uses silhouettes), but I was not struck with the interpretations for the minors. I find that the featureless-silhouettes talk to me far more than those where a person either looks like someone in my life or [more jarringly] doesn’t. I think this is why the International Icon Tarot was such a popular one many years ago. You can project whoever you want onto the images and in terms of positive and negative traits, the courts can hold them all. I hate a Queen of Swords which always looks ‘cold’, for example.

      I’d not seem the Serpentfire Tarot, no. Thanks for sharing. I also thought of the Victorian images as I created these cards too. In terms of copyright, do you mean watermarking them?

      Titania’s Star Tarot

      International Icon Tarot


  5. I am happy to have you back! Your blog has been missed. Now I can’t go back and read the entries as I used to when I needed a little enabling… But out with the old, in with the new. This place has a rather personal feel to it and I like that.

    You did a wonderful job with the cards! If you end up making this into a whole deck, I do believe you will have conceived a popular deck.

    Your writing is excellent, and the advice has all been noted. : ) Thank you!

    Looking forward to your next entries, and happy to be here.



    • And I am very glad to have you hear, Mónica Laura. As much as I have enjoyed blogging for the last seven or so years, having a small community of people has been what has kept my writing lively. It is more ‘homely’ than anything I ever experienced on forums.

      I am glad you like the feel of the place. It has a clean-feel, which is keeping my mind ordered right now.

      There are many flashy decks out there, but I think there is always a space for something that is clear and readable, which I hope this is. I dare say I will finish this deck, but at a steady pace, since it’s concept was initially to illustrate the cards as they come up on the blog (pulled from a RWS in person). So I hope people are as excited about seeing new cards, as I am in creating them. It adds to that ‘personal feel’ you mention, I guess.

      And I love to write, so I have missed having an outlet for that.

      Looking forward to this new [and not completely planned] adventure. So happy to have a few good friends accompany me 🙂


  6. I’d definitely watermark these cards! Then, if people share them on Pinterest or whatever, people will still be able to find the original source. The cards are absolutely lovely, I’d definitely by the deck once it’s complete!
    Lovely reading, too. I can see myself in the Queen of Cups, doing several readings at the start of the week. Then, more of a family focus over the past couple of days: calling my mum, taking care of the kids, and organising things around the house. As for the weekend, I’m meeting a fellow blogger from the States – how exciting! That definitely counts as taking a friendship to the next level, though I have no idea if anything will come of it… 🙂


    • Thanks Chloe. I will get to doing that then.

      It’s funny how these things work out. I hadn’t even considered making my own images until someone suggested it and now they are growing into something new and exciting. Where as I could never publish or try to get Fragments of an Illusion published, I have no problems with copyright here, so I could potentially do what I like with them. It is really encouraging to read that people like them.

      I don’t know about you, but I get a clearer view of this kind of reading when posting weekly, rather than daily. A simple overview allows me to step back a bit, rather than the fits and starts of a daily draw. Another interesting observation, since this big change of style and routine.

      The reading certainly fits with your week. Meeting the blogger sounds exciting. The last time I did this was with Shaheen Miro. I hope you have as much fun as we did. It’s great to chat with people who have the same passions as we do.


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